Video Review: Timmy T “Time After Time”

Timmy T sits on a chair in a hot pink painted family room. He checks his watch. A twentysomething woman walks on the sidewalk in the city. He stands by a hot pink glass wall. In silhouette, she dances behind it. In black-and-white, they hold onto each other as they stand on a pier.

In a violet painted room, she lounges on a chair and listens as he talks to her. He stands up and kneels by her and continues to talk with her. Back in black-and-white, they run on the beach. He pushes her on the swing in their backyard. Back in color, she dances against a mural. He turns his head to the right.

As he talks on the phone, his hair blows in the wind. He walks in a white painted room while two people dance behind him. Walking ahead of the young woman in a parking lot, he juggles three fruits. She turns in a different direction and he looks for her after he stops juggling. She continues to walk in the city.

Rating: 1/5

The young woman scratches her temple with her finger and listens as Timmy T criticizes for not caring about their relationship. She crosses her legs and avoids his gaze as he kneels by her. He snaps his fingers in front of her face and asks if she knows what he just said. She heaves a sigh and says, “I don’t try.” He throws up his hand and says she doesn’t take anything seriously.

She admires the mural. A twentysomething man tells it’s beautiful. She smiles and says she hopes it gets the artist national recognition. The twentysomething man says he wishes he could do something like it but it’d be stick figures. She nods and says it’d be for her. Timmy T takes her by the arm and says they have to go.

While at his job, one of his co-workers suggest she’d fit in here and she’ll get to see her boyfriend every day. T handwaves it and says she freak out over the stress. She’d just call in and shop instead. His co-worker jaw drops and turns to her, saying it was nice meeting her. His co-worker walks them out. He excuses himself to go to the restroom. His co-worker tells her she’s welcome to apply and not listen to him. She says she’ll think about it. He walks back into the office and says they are going to be late. She walks out with him. He asks her to watch him juggle. She walks away and hails a taxi to her friend’s house.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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