Video Review: Maluma & The Weeknd “Hawái Remix”

A young woman (Yovanna Ventura) sits in the electric blue-lit bathtub. She runs her hand along the side of it as water overflows. Maluma washes his face with his hands in the bathroom. A second young woman stares at him as he walks into a club.

Lit in a hazy scarlet red, The Weeknd sings into the microphone at the club. Switching to electric aqua, he sings as the young women listen to him while they sit at the tables. Maluma dances with The Weeknd by the white-lit detached chandelier on stage.

The Weeknd sits by a third young woman at the bar. In the bathroom mirror, Maluma sees the young woman. At the tables, some young women walk around. Several young women clink their glasses as they sit. Maluma sits in the booth, his hand on his drink. He squints at a fourth young woman, with a bubblegum pink bob.

The young woman rubs Maluma’s chest as he sits in the bathtub with her. She gets up and picks up a towel. Using a lighter, she singes the ends of it and throws it into the fireplace. Maluma removes his ring as he dances with The Weeknd by the white-lit detached chandelier.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman twirls her wedding ring around her ring as she rest her elbows on the separation papers. Maluma had called off their divorce and decided to try again. Her indecision was a part of who she was. He had to accept it. She tells him it won’t be a problem anymore.

She called him whenever she was going to be late. She held his hand whenever they went out and kept her gaze focused on him. She followed a structured schedule. However, he was quiet whenever he was around her. He texted on his phone and ate his dinner in the family room. She had tried talking about his favorite television show and asked him for a recap. He had answered she hadn’t missed much.

She drove to the bar on Maluma’s phone. Maluma was sitting by himself. She sits next to him and asks him to talk to her. He hands her a manila envelope and says he just signed the papers. She tells him they don’t have to go through with it. They can stay together. Maluma hands her his ring and tells her to sell it. She watches as he walks to the bar and orders a drink.

Director: Jessy Terrero Year: 2020

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