Video Review: Jomanda “Don’t You Want My Love”

A twentysomething man stumbles on a rock by the lake. As he walks, he loses his balance and falls. Standing up, he sees Cheri, Renee and Joanne, dressed in Cleopatra outfits, stretch out on the rock. He approaches them. Wearing black low-cuts, jackets and pants, they dance on the rocks.

Wearing the Cleopatra costume, Renee gestures for the twentysomething man to follow her. He runs to her as she disappears. She appears at a table with two glasses of wine. He sits down. Wearing a silver gown, she walks over to him and sits in his lap. He leans into her and she pushes his face away. Back at her seat, she kisses a grape and offers it to him. He takes it and she fades away again.

Cheri waves part of her Cleopatra outfit as the twentysomething man continues to walk. He inches away as she appears, driving a motorcycle on a patch of dirt. She takes off her helmet and circles him. Pushing her helmet into his stomach, he tumbles to the ground. She straddles him and leaves.

He lies on the ground and watches for Joanne, Cheri and Renee. Joanne sits on a bed at night and gestures for him to join her. She pulls him towards her. He touches the sheet after she disappears and hold the pillow. They sit on the rock again and he falls to his knees as the fade. Wearing the black outfits, they talk as they walk by the rock.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething man rubs his head. It had been a few days and it still hurt. He had been walking in the forest and fell. It left him with a few bruises and some cuts. Renee, one of the young men he met, took care of him. She had treated him to a dinner of champagne and grapes.

Cheri tried to get him moving again and tested his reflexes. She had looked him over and told him he’d be all right. He asked her if he go on a motorcycle ride. She gave him a helmet and they took off into the forest. Joanne had urged him to come to bed. She told him he needed some rest. A thirtysomething man had found him by the lake and asked him if he was okay. He explained he had three women taking care of him and pointed to where they were.

He sits in his hospital and talks about the three women to the patient next to him. He says he would like for them to visit him. It would be a chance to thank them. The patient continues to snore. The food service attendant says hello to him as she brings him his lunch. He says he’s saving some grapes for Renee and puts them aside.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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