Video Review: Niko Moon “Good Time”

Niko Moon listens to music as he drives his convertible. He glances at the fence covering the campgrounds. Around 7 p.m., he pulls up and parks. He hugs some of his friends. Holding a yellow plastic up, he dances in front of the convertible. His friends and family stand to the sides of it,  dancing as they hold their yellow plastic cups.

A twentysomething man carries a cooler and places it on the ground. He fills his cup with beer. Moon dances with his friends. He sits in his car, holding his cup. His friends lean against the front of his car with him.

Rating: 1/5

Niko Moon sips his drink as he sits in the car. Some of his friends had given him hugs and told him they were glad he showed up. They returned to their group and continued their conversations. Even though he had known them half his life, he didn’t know if he could break into the conversation.

One of his close friends was with a young woman Moon had liked since they were kids. They had discussed before he left, she was off-limits. He still had feelings for her. His friend knew. As he watches them together, he grips the steering wheel. If he said anything, one of his friends might report to the tabloids. It’ll be over the internet.

He walks over to the young woman and says hello. She says she can’t believe she went to school with a famous person. He waves it off and says he’s still himself. His close friends purses his lips and raises his eyebrows as he sips his drink. Another friend runs up to him and asks him if any famous people were coming. He grabs another beer and shakes his head, saying it was just him. They nod and walk away from him. He waves and walks around by himself.

Director: Niko Moon Year: 2019

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