Video Review: Erykah Badu “Other Side of the Game”

A door opens to an inside of an apartment. Several pairs of shoes sit on the base of the stairs. A beaded curtain hangs by the entryway. An electric blue photo of a young man (André 3000) sits over the bed. Erykah Badu sits up in bed. She gets up and wraps her skirt around her skirt. Taking a pillow, she hits the young man on the back as he continues to sleep.

In the bathroom, she washes her hands and face. He reaches around her for a towel and kisses her shoulder. His pager beeps as he sits in the chair. She listens to him talk on the phone as she puts on her head wrap. They open the curtains. She cuts a grapefruit on the kitchen counter. He looks out the window and puts his head down. She sees the police car parked by the building.

He talks with two police officers and closes the door. She takes the envelope from him. He sits by her waist and listens to the heartbeat of their baby. They cuddle on the floor. He opens the envelope and counts the cash. She paints her toenails in bed. He walks on the bed, puts the cash in a box and hides it in the fireplace, His pager beeps again and she hands him the phone. They hug. She watches him walk out the door and closes the curtains. Sitting on the bed, she removes her head wrap. Lit in electric blue, she puts her hand on her cheek and rests on the bed.

Rating: 5/5

The young man wasn’t home. Erykah Badu glances at the clock. He worked weird hours and it wasn’t unusual for him to be at home at sunrise. However, it was 8 am. She pads down the stairs, holding her stomach. The baby kicks and she says daddy will be home soon. He’s just running late. His car wasn’t in the lot.

The doctor checks her blood pressure and says it’s high. She says it’s stress about the appointment. He assures it should be fine and asks several questions. She watches the ultrasound of the baby and glances by the door. He never forgot an appointment. The doctor she and her baby are both doing well. He tells her to keep up the good work and come back in two weeks.

She walks up the stairs and calls for him. A second young man points a gun at her. He says he knows they have money somewhere and demands the cash. She says she’ll get it. He aims at it as she walks to the fireplace. She searches under the mattress and touches the gun. He glares at her as she reaches for the box. She runs her hand along the mattress and he fires off a shot. Her hand slips from the bed as she head hits the floor.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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