Video Review: Glass Animals “Heat Waves”

Dave wheels a wagon, holding several tube televisions, on a street in East London in the United Kingdom. Cars line the street as he passes by the apartments. A train rolls by on top of the tunnel. A thirtysomething man films him on his phone as he leans against the windowsill. Two twentysomething women watch him.

A twentysomething woman films him as her five-year-old boy stands by the door. Her twentysomething watches as he stands behind her. Several people film through the windows of their homes. A double-decker drives by with an advertisement for Glass Animals’ Dreamland album. He rolls the wagon into an darkened club and sets up the televisions on stage.

The spotlights turn on as Dave sings into the microphone. On the televisions, Drew, Ed and Joe play their instruments. The door closes on the venue.

Rating: 2/5

Dave picks up some carry-out from the diner by his home. He tips the owner as she cashes him out. She tells him, “we appreciate you!” Dave tells them to have a nice night. They knew his voice on the phone and asked him about his family when he walked inside. He’d been going there with his family for years. The owner had known since he was a child. In an article in the local newspaper, they said they lost most of their business and were hoping to survive the pandemic.

Dave opens the container and checks his phone. A reminder pop ups for a flight. It was cancelled indefinitely. He had been looking forward to seeing the fans. However, it was on hold. He thinks of the plans he had for the year. There were some new museums he wanted to visit. Some friends had some art shows. He throws away the container and opens the video conference link. His friend waves to him and says he wishes he could be there. Dave raises his glass and tells him they’ll see each other soon. When it would be, he didn’t know. There had to be a end.

                    Director: Colin Read Year: 2020

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