Video Review: Ashley Tisdale “Not Like That”

Ashley Tisdale sits on her bed and scoffs as she reads NineTeen, a tabloid. The cover says, “Ashley On Set: What Was She Thinking?!” Wearing a sparkly dress, photographers take pictures of her at a red carpet event. She sits on a couch within a background of a magazine cover.

Back on the red carpet, she shoves the photographer away and ignores the reporter asking her questions. She blows a kiss. She sits on a chair on set and takes a bottle of water from a member of the crew. Wearing a pink hoodie and jeans, she eats some crackers at craft services.

A makeup artists brushes her face. She smiles as a young man (Josh Henderson) walks up to her and they hug. Against a pink and orange spiral background, she sings into a microphone while two background singers sway in the corner. She dances in silhouette.

She sighs as the photographers take pictures. While sitting in the chair, she smiles and talks with the stylists. Back in bed, she continues to flip through the magazine.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ashley Tisdale glances over her shoulder. A photographer follows her as she walks to the store. He starts asking her questions about her new boyfriend. She exclaims, “what?” and reiterates the person is just a friend. They want to know who he is. She says “no comment” and walks to her car. A 8-year-old girl tells her she’s so pretty and when she grows up she wants to be like her. She asks for the little girl’s name and poses for a picture with her. The 8-year-old’s mom thanks her for being taking the time and being so nice. Tisdale says she’s adorable and it was nice to meet them.

She compliments the stylist’s necklace and asks her how long she’s been in Los Angeles. The stylist talks to her about her hometown and Tisdale comments she visited there once with her family. Tisdale asks her about one of the local stores, where she found a cute top. The stylist says it was one of her favorite stores and she was disappointed there weren’t any in California. Tisdale says the clothes are so affordable.

None of it was true. Tisdale reads a fictional story of her falling in love with a young man who visited the set. According to a source, they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other and canoodled during breaks. Tisdale puts her hand on her cheek. She believed the people on the set were her friends and no one actually cared. Her phone beeps. It was her friend and says a photographer was at his work. She tells him she’ll handle it and calls her manager. None of her friends were going to be harassed because of her life. They didn’t sign up for it. It was part of her life and something she had to deal with. However, her friends were off-limits.

Director: Scott Speer Year: 2007

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