Video Review: Bad Bunny “Yo Visto Asi”

A semi-truck speeds down on the road at night. A twentysomething man rides his skateboard on the ramp. Bad Bunny stands in the center of the graffitied ramp as two twentysomething men skateboard by him. They leap over half-pipes and ride the rails. Several twentysomething men talk by the edge of a ramp.

Against an emerald green backdrop in a studio, Ricky Martin takes off his sunglasses and brushes off his shoulder while he stands with Bad Bunny. The cameras flash as Ruby Rose touches her head. Luka Sabbat adjusts his collar of his turtleneck and crosses his arms in front of his chest. Wearing a custom Laura Basci dress, Sofia Vergara smiles as her hair blows. Ryan Garcia shadowboxes and raises his arms. Sech rubs his hands together. Karol G smiles and gives the devil’s horn gesture. Francisco Lindor puts on his sunglasses and puts his arms to his side. Bad Bunny puts his arm on Heimana Reynolds’ shoulder. He leaps into Bunny’s arms and flexes his arm. They all pose together. Bunny bends down and gives the peace sign.

Four motorcyclists ride inside a standing globe. He stands in the center as they continue to ride. In the empty stadium, he dances on the field, his shoes off to the side. Fireworks go off. Bad Bunny sits in the stadium.

Rating: 5/5

Bad Bunny practices on one of the small wedges. As he twists in the air, he lands on the ground and rolls. Some of the twentysomething men ask if he’s okay. He stands up and says he’s good. One of the twentysomething says they were planning to take a break and hands him some water. Bunny says it’s a goal to learn at least one trick on the skateboard. A second twentysomething man says as long as he’s safe and knows his limits, he’ll be fine.

While on lunch during the photo shoot, he catches up Ricky Martin. He talks to Sofia Vergara about getting together for dinner. Sech suggests an idea for a song and hums it to him. Ruby Rose tells him it’s so good to see him and asks him about his ankle. He says it was from when he went skateboarding. Karol dances with him. Rose whispers to him that she’s nervous about meeting Martin. Martin pats the seat to next to him and talks with Rose. Karol G breaks out into song with Sech. Sech declares it their next single. Martin harmonizes with them. Bad Bunny says they have their remix.

Bad Bunny watches the motorcyclists’ routine. He revs up his motorcycle and drives it around the field. Popping a wheelie, he removes his hands right away and puts them back. The motorcyclists clap for him. He says he had to try. While they continue to practice, he films them and sends it to his friends.

Director: Stillz Year: 2020

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