Video Review: Liam Payne & Dixie D’Amelio “Naughty List”

A strip of photos of Liam Payne and Dixie D’Amelio eject from the golden tinseled photo booth at the hall. Against a rose pink background, D’Amelio puts an oversized red ornament on her tree. Payne spins within a royal blue bulb.

A twentysomething woman wears antlers on her head as she poses for her photo. A twentysomething man, wearing a glittery red vest and Santa hat, dances. D’Amelio pulls the strands of her hair.

Payne dances within a translucent ornament. The twentysomething woman puts her arms around the twentysomething man. A second twentysomething woman bites on her glasses as she dances. The two twentysomething women dance with D’Amelio. Payne folds his hands against a teal background. A neon wreath hangs behind him.

D’Amelio’s friends decorate the tree. Payne waves his finger as he dances in the photo booth. She pretends to talk on a 90s cellphone. Payne stands in a red snowflake wallpapered room. Ruby red presents sit by him. She and her friends continue to dance in the photo booth. Payne shakes his finger again while he stands by himself in the photo booth.

Rating: 1/5

Liam Payne runs his hands along his jeans and shows them one of his most-viewed TikToks. He says it’s gotten a lot of views, about 800 and thinks the challenge might catch on. Dixie D’Amelio cringes as she looks at her friends. She turns to him and says it seems like some people liked it. He does a move as he sits on the couch and nearly hits one of her friends. Her friend rubs her forehead, exclaiming, “ow!” He apologizes and asks if she’s okay. She mutters she’s fine.

D’Amelio kisses the twentysomething man. She says she really shouldn’t. She’s dating Payne now. The twentysomething man asks why he isn’t at her party. She tells him he had to work a late shift. The twentysomething man says he’s so old and the TikTok video was trying so hard. D’Amelio shoves him and tells him to be nice. Payne was shy. They’ll get to know the real him. The twentysomething man kisses her again and says she can do better.

Payne hands her Christmas gift and says he knows it isn’t much. D’Amelio smiles at she takes it. It could be a necklace or bracelet. She had mentioned a pair of Moschino floral earrings and sent him a link in a text. As she opens the box, she forces a smile. It was a Art Terrarium Orb. She says it’s wonderful and takes a picture of it. In her text, she asks her friends how she can rid of it. He says she can put in on her desk. She nods and says it would be nice to put on there. The twentysomething man texts her a pic of him shirtless. She touches her stomach and says she’s not feeling good. He offers to take her home right away.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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