Video Review: Kelly Clarkson & Brett Eldredge “Under The Mistletoe”

A snowflake flies past a thirtysomething man’s window. He talks on the phone while holding the turkey. His eight-year-old boy taps his arm. The thirtysomething smiles as the snowflake turns into Kelly Clarkson. A thirtysomething woman talks on the phone with him. A twentysomething woman sits by her window and watches her neighbor, a twentysomething man, put a present in the pocket of his jacket.

Clarkson sits on the roof and sings. The twentysomething woman watches as the twentysomething man walks on the sidewalk. A sixtysomething man opens the bathroom door. A cat sleeps by a table. A bus skids on the icy road. The twentysomething woman opens the door and grins as she sees the twentysomething man.

The RV slides into a tree by the thirtysomething man’s house. Brett Eldredge and his dog walk to it. The thirtysomething man drops the turkey. The dog drools and takes the turkey. The 8-year-old boy listens to the carolers and smiles at the 8-year-old girl singing. She watches as Eldredge chases his dog. Eldredge hits a snowdrift and gets the turkey. A leg falls off of it. The dog runs after the cat.

Eldredge opens the door of his home to a second thirtysomething woman. The dog and cat run throughout the house. The twentysomething woman and man inch toward the mistletoe. The cat hides in the Christmas tree. The thirtysomething woman walks up the stairs. The 8-year-old boy pounds on the bathroom door while the sixtysomething man sits on the toilet . The thirtysomething woman gives the thirtysomething man LavAzza coffee. The sixtysomething man breaks the door. The 8-year-old boy calls for the thirtysomething man to help him. Eldredge goes to his RV and cuts through the door with a chainsaw.

The twentysomething man and woman help set the table. The gift drops out of the man’s pocket. She picks it up. The cat and dog run on the kitchen table, spilling the glasses of wine. The 8-year-old boy grabs some Bounty towels in the cabinet and cleans it up. Eldredge sings as he plays the piano. The twentysomething man checks his jacket for the gift. The 8-year-old boys open the door. The 8-year-old girl gives him a kiss on the cheek. The twentysomething woman shows him his gift. The thirtysomething man and woman lean into each other to kiss. However, the group runs upstairs and they all watch Santa fly up to the roof. Eldredge hangs onto the sleigh.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething woman helps her husband, the thirtysomething man, carry the turkey out to the grill. She says to him, “remember when your brother, Brett Eldredge came over and we almost lost the turkey.” The thirtysomething man nods and says he was ordered pizza just in case. They hear a crash. The thirtysomething woman says, “Brett’s here.”

Brett walks in the door and gives them hugs. He puts his hand by his cheek and asks if their dad has arrived yet. The thirtysomething man says their sister, the twentysomething woman and her boyfriend, are picking him up this year. The 8-year-old exclaims he makes the bathroom really stinky. Eldredge asks him about their new bathroom door. The thirtysomething woman says they had a long talk with their dad. The thirtysomething man says their dad agreed to pay for the door.

The sixtysomething man stuffs his hands in his coat and says he’s under strict orders to behave. The twentysomething woman says they went over with him just in case. He says Santa left him some coal. Eldredge told him he’d try to talk with Santa Claus. However, Santa believed his crankiness had gotten out of control. As he takes off his coat, he mutters he’s not cranky. The dog sits by the cat. The cat licks its ears. The boy says he’s dating the girl in his class. She sings in the choir and that she wants her to meet his family. Eldredge ruffles his hair and tells him he’s growing up so fast. He asks if he knows what time Santa is going to arrive. Brett shrugs and says he’ll text Santa to find out. He types on the phone and tells him, “Santa tells him it may be around midnight.” The 8-year-old jumps up and down and says he want to pet Prancer.

Director: Jay Martin Year: 2020

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