Video Review: N II U “I Miss You”

Chuckie, Don, Chris, and Craig arrive at their childhood home. A rocking chair sits on the porch. Chuckie plays the piano in the family room. He visits his mom’s grave. Their mom sits on the rocking chair during the day. Craig puts his hand on Chuckie’s shoulder as they walk in the cemetery.

Don touches the trumpet in a cardboard box on the table. As a child, he played the trombone on the floor while his mom played the piano. Chuckie sits on the couch and looks at a framed photo. He opens the cover of the piano. As a child, Don sits with his mom on the piano bench and touches the keys. Don, Chris, Craig and Chuckie pack up the car.

On the porch, Don and Chuckie fight over a yellow dump truck. They hug. As adults, they put their hands on it at the same time. Chuckie lets him have it and they shake hands. Chuckie plays the piano. Don, Chris and Craig call for him to play basketball from the window. Their mom closes the curtain. Don, as a teenager, gives his crush some flowers in the front yard. As children, they run into the house for dinner. Chuckie bites into some bread and his mom slaps his hand. They pray. Their mom gives them each a hug and kiss.

Chuckie cries at the grave. They leave their childhood home. Their mom sits on the rocking chair and disappears.

Rating: 5/5

Chuckie holds onto the rocking chair as Don drives. He yells at Don to slow down. The rocking chair almost fell out of the side of the car. Back at his home, Don helps him carry it inside. Chuckie sits in the rocking chair and says it’s as though he can still feel mom in it. Don says she’s still with them, everywhere they go. Chuckie breaks down and says she was a good mom. Don puts his arm around his shoulder and wipes tears from his eyes.

Chuckie drives to shift at work and turns around once he gets into the parking lot. He wasn’t going in anymore. Back at home, he calls in and arranges for the movers to bring the piano into his home. It wasn’t for sale. His mom taught him play. She loved music and imparted it on them. However, he was the one who dreamed of becoming a singer. He plays the first song on the piano and says “I love you, Mom.”

Craig smacks Chuckie’s hand at the dinner table. Chuckie says he’s hungry. Craig says that he knows the rules. They have to pray. Craig thanks God for allowing them to be together again and for the food. He asks God to look out for their Mom in heaven. Don tells Craig he got mom’s recipe for cornbread just right. It tastes just like she used to make it. Craig says “thanks” and asks Chuckie about his new job. Chuckie says he likes being in an office and says it gives him time to work on music. Chris asks him to sing some of it. Chuckie sings a few lyrics and says it’s just an idea. Don says he can’t wait to hear the whole thing and passes him the mashed potatoes.

Director: Lionel C. Martin Year: 1994

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