Video Review: Liam Gallagher “All You’re Dreaming Of”

In black-and-white, three fiftysomething people play their instruments as the snow falls in the park. The piano plays by itself on other side of the family room as Liam Gallagher stands by the fireplace. Hand in his pockets, he walks in the park as it snows. A bird sits on the piano.

Two shadows separate from Gallagher as he stands by the fireplace. As he continues to walk, he steps on the piano keys. Inside the home, Gallagher looks at the window. A message on it reads: “This Is Not Here.”

Rating: 2/5

Liam Gallagher warms his hands over the fire in the fireplace. The generator clicks on and he starts to blow out the candles on the table. The electricity had only been out for about two hours or so. However, it may not last long. The wind was whistling outside as the snow fell.

He turns on the local news as he makes his tea. In a low-income area, the power wasn’t back to go back on for a few days. The snow had flooded some homes. Gallagher writes down the shelter’s name on a piece of paper and leaves them a message.

The representative on the shelter had told him it was on the right. He tells his GPS to shush as it advises him to make a U-turn. While in the low-income area, he calls in an order of food  at a local restaurant and asks them to deliver food to the residents. At the shelter, he brings them some clothes and blankets. He says there is more in the car. The receptionist asks for his name and he says it. The receptionist says she’ll let someone contact him about a receipt and thanks him for his donation. Gallagher repeats his name again. The receptionist says she’s got it and tells him to have a good day.

Director: Anthony Byrne Year: 2020

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