Video Review: Rihanna & Miky Ekko “Stay”

Rihanna takes off her bra and panties while water cascades into the bathtub. She sits in the bathtub, her chin on the water. Miky Ekko sits at the edge of the bathtub. A chandelier hangs on the ceiling while he looks down. Rihanna, her eyes closed, touches her lips and chokes back tears. Ekko stands at the sink and stares at the faucet. He sits on a chair, his hand on his neck. A tear falls down Rihanna’s cheek as she rests her chin on the water again.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rihanna pours herself a drink and rubs her forehead. She sits walk by the bedroom. The door was closed. She stands by it, her hand on the door and lingers for a few minutes. The door knob turns and she walks towards the bathroom. Miky Ekko ruffles his hair and asks Rihanna if she needed something. She shakes her head and continues to the bathroom.

Miky Ekko closes his laptop and stares at the pattern of the wallpaper. Rihanna’s heels click on the floor as she walks in the kitchen. She walks into the bedroom and glances at him. Her eyes dart to the dresser. He watches her as she puts on her earrings. She was absolutely beautiful. He didn’t deserve her.

Rihanna gulps as she tries to hide her tears. She glances at him one more time and walks out. He wasn’t certain to say goodbye. Every word seemed to be a knife. Saying goodbye would be an answer, not a statement. Rihanna holds onto the handle of the door and gives herself a moment.  Her hand on her forehead, she winces as sharp pain slices through her temples. He moves the curtain and sees her open the car door and start the car.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2013

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