Video Review: King Von “Took Her To The O”

King Von stares at his phone while a fortysomething woman tells him, “Mr. Von, you’ve been coming here for four weeks. You haven’t told me anything. It’s now or never.” He asks her, “is it off the record?” She answers, “yes.” Learning forward in the chair, he says, “here’s what happened.”

The fortysomething woman sits in her chair, pen in hand. Several stacks of money sit on the table by Von.  She nods as she writes things down in her notebook. Von recalls driving with a twentysomething woman at night. She bobs up and down by Von’s crotch as he drives. She sits up and checks her lipstick in the mirror.

The twentysomething woman walks into an office building. His phone beeps and he notices a car park next to him. A twentysomething man walks into the building. Von dances by a metal wall. He sees the twentysomething man pulls the twentysomething woman’s hair in the lobby. The fortysomething woman loosens her hair and smiles as she listens. Back in the car, Von takes his gun out of the glove compartment.

He throws a brick and breaks the glass. Lit in blood red, he pulls out his gun and shoots. The twentysomething man lies on the concrete. The twentysomething woman touches her chest and leaves. Lit in teal, she dances in the car as Von drives. Back in the office, Von teaches the fortysomething woman how to hold a gun. She pretends to shoot it.

Rating: 5/5

The fortysomething woman, a therapist, puts bullets in the gun. At the gun range, she aims for the heart of the body on the target. She blows over it as she finishes and tucks it in her purse. While in her car, she takes a detour into the city and visits King Von. She pats her purse and tells him she’s taking care of things. He urges her to be careful. She says it won’t be a problem.

During book club, she says the novel was turnt and the detective needs to be smoke some weed. Her friends nod and glance at one another. The second fortysomething woman, leading the club, thanks her for unique opinion and asks the thirtysomething woman what she thought.

The fortysomething woman sits in the parking lot. Von was trusting her. She watches Von enter her office with several of his friends. On the phone, she informs her patients she’s leaving the practice and gives them a recommendation. One of her patients says she’ll miss her and asks her what’s she doing to do. The fortysomething woman declares she’s finally living her life. Von taps the window. She tells her patient goodbye. Von hands her some money and tells her it’s her cut. The fortysomething woman tells him it’s settled. The fist bump.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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