Video Review: Toni Basil “Mickey”

Toni Basil sits with her hand underneath her chin as she lies on the floor. Two twentysomething women jump through their cheerleading teammates’ arms. Basil crosses her arms at her sides and jumps in the center. She shadowboxes and kicks her leg.

The young women do cartwheels. Basil hangs upside down on the arms of two young women. The young women hold up their pom-poms in front of themselves on the left and right while Basil pirouettes in the center. She talks into the megaphone. They form a kickline. She stands on top of the pyramid. A heart forms over her face as she sings.

Rating: 3/5

Toni Basil explains to her cheerleading team that they are going to give everything they have. They are going to have to learn complicated routines. She says it’s going to be a challenge but she knows they will be able to defend their national championship. A 17-year-old young woman says they are going to take their families by surprise at the games.

Basil bites her nails. One of the young woman was out with an injury. The young woman was going to miss the season. Basil rubs her forehead. It was call she didn’t want to make. It was the young woman’s senior year. However, the 15-year-old young woman was about to get her chance to shine.

During the competition, Basil watches from backstage. They were hitting their marks. The 15-year-old young woman was handling the pressure well. She landed each jump. They finish with the routine with large smiles. The 15-year-old young woman hugs Basil and says she knows they scored high. Basil tells the group she’s the proud of them. The judges read of the score. They were in first place. She and her team jump up and down.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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