Video Review: Jess Glynne “This Christmas”

Jess Glynne dances on the sidewalk at night. She turns to the house on the right. A thirtysomething woman brings the menorah to the table. The sixtysomething woman smiles at the 10-year-old as she sets a dish on the table. The thirtysomething woman screams as her hair burns. The thirtysomething man puts it out. The 12-year-old girl talks with the sixtysomething woman. The family poses for a photo.

A fortysomething man looks at the framed photo. He talks with a second thirtysomething man by the fireplace in their family room. The thirtysomething man knits a “Fuck Covid” blanket in his chair. They hold hands. Several Santas stand in the street by a burning garbage can. They grab their instruments as Glynne dances by them.

A second thirtysomething woman (also Glynne) waves the smoke away from the oven. She puts the burned turkey on the counter and looks at her pouting 8-year-old daughter. As it snows, Glynne passes by a twentysomething sculpting a dragon out of ice. Three young men sit by the bus shelter, decorated with rainbows and “Thank You NHS! (National Health Service). A third twentysomething man (also Glynne) parks his delivery truck. A twentysomething man plays the trombone as he takes out a gift.

Lit in electric blue, a computer sits on a desk in a family room. Back in color, a teenaged young man and woman make out on it. They break apart as a third thirtysomething woman, (also Glynne), dressed in all red, walks into the room. Everyone dances. They pose for a group photo. A message on the screen reads: “with thanks to all our 2020 frontline heroes.”

Rating: 3.5/5

Jess Glynne passes a plate of latkes and tells the sixtysomething woman it’s most delicious ones she’s ever had. The sixtysomething woman says she’s such a gracious child. Glynne says she’s going win Bingo this year. The 12-year-old girl tells her it depends. Glynne laughs and says she was really close last year. After the games, she thanks them for the meal and letting her spend the holiday with them.

The sixtysomething woman gives her a small gift. Glynne tells her it wasn’t necessary. The sixtysomething woman says she brought her groceries and paid the extra amount when needed. Glynne opens it and sees it’s a homemade blanket. She tells her it’s beautiful and that’ll she use it while she works. The sixtysomething woman tells her to have a merry Christmas.

Glynne wraps her Christmas gifts in the kitchen. She folds the sweaters in the box. Her sister hadn’t bought any clothes for herself since the shutdowns. She had been filling out forms for her mortgage and other payments while being furloughed from her job. While talking on Zoom, she noticed her sister’s sweaters had holes or she was wearing the same one within the week. Her sister had brushed it off when Glynne had said something. However, her sister should have something for herself. She smiles as she puts the bow on it.

Director: Olivia Rose Year: 2020

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