Video Review: Seal “Fly Like An Eagle”

At night, a young Michael Jordan (Brandon Hammond) tells his dad (Thom Barry), “I want to play at North Carolina. I want to play on the championship. Then I want to play in the NBA.” As they continue to walk on the driveway, his dad says, “So once you’re finished with that, I suppose you’re going to fly, huh?”

In black-and-white, Seal spreads his arms as he flies. The clouds roll by him. A young Jordan dribbles a basketball while playing with his friends. The sky switches to color and returns to black-and-white while a shoes flies right by Seal. A young Jordan, wearing his baseball uniform, runs. He brushes off his paper while taking a test at school. Seal dances while the young Jordan plays basketball with his father. Michael Jordan dunks the basketball into a net up in the sky.

In a clip from the 1996 film, Space Jam, Bugs Bunny dribbles the basketball on the court. Wile E. Coyote breaks through the wall of a gym. Jordan smiles as Sylvester puts Tweety in his mouth. Jordan sits up on the grass as animated yellow canaries fly around his head. One of the Nerdlucks flicks Tweety into the bleachers. On the golf  Stan (Wayne Knight) takes a picture of Jordan on the golf course. Jordan gets swallowed into the hole. Daffy Duck spins Jordan around and checks out his ears.

In black-and-white, Seal watches Jordan fly in the air. Back in color, Jordan sits with his young self and watches the video. In a clip, Bugs Bunny kisses Jordan on the lips. Jordan dunks on the Nerdlucks during a game. Elder Fudd floats as he scores a point. Lola Bunny slams dunk the ball into the net while practicing at the gym. Jordan calls for a timeout.

Rating: 3.5/5

Seal reaches for the tree and grabs onto a limb. It breaks off and he flaps his arms. Michael Jordan swoops out from underneath and holds onto his arms. Seal moves his arms and flies further in the air. Jordan passes him the ball and he puts the ball into the net.

Seal lands on the lawn of Jordan’s childhood home. The young Jordan practices the same pass with his father over and over. Jordan puts his arm around him and says he wouldn’t be who he was without his father. Seal says he’s sorry for his loss. Jordan holds back tears and thanks him.

Seal jumps and lifts himself in the air. He spreads his arms and lands on a cloud. Bugs Bunny scurries over and announces they have a new team member. Daffy Duck takes out a ruler and measures him. Tweety blushes as Seal walks over to her. Elmer Fudd comments he’d make a great forward. Seal catches the basketball and searches for the net. Jordan warns Bugs to go easy on him. Bugs smirks and says he’ll try.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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