Video Review: Jaki Graham “Ain’t Nobody”

A twentysomething man, painted in silver, runs his hand over his arm against a black background. Jaki Graham lies on the water. As light blue flashes, she touches her naked side. Against a royal blue background, a young man, wearing a soft copper rubber suit, dances.

Lit in white against a black background, Graham touches her face. It switches to black-and-white. A butterfly sits on the ground. Graham dances within a young woman’s eye. A sunflower stands by itself. A gray and clear man dance within a few feet of one another. The butterfly flaps its blue wings. Back in black-and-white, Graham dances within the twentysomething man’s eyes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Jaki Graham puts on her feather boa and tucks her ring underneath her shirt. A young man lies on the couch and says she looks pretty. She turns and says “thank you.” He asks her if he should wait up. She tells him to just to go to bed. It’ll be probably be about 4 am once she comes back. He tilts his head and she says that she’ll try for 2 am and she’ll call if it’s going to be later.

Graham orders the drinks from the bar. A second young man approaches her and tells he’d like to dance with her. She explains she’s fine and here with friends. He shrugs she could leave them by themselves for awhile. She takes her drinks and tells him to have a nice night.

Around 3 am, she walks out with her friends. She says they have to find a payphone. On the payphone, she calls the house and lets her boyfriend know she’ll be home soon. Her friends smile. She dances on the sidewalk and says she finally found a good one.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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