Video Review: Justin Bieber “Mistletoe”

Justin Bieber pulls his coat up to his collar as he walks down the street at night. He pats his heart as the snow falls. A 16-year-old young woman waits by the café and looks a happy couple from school across from her. Bieber brings her cup of hot chocolate and sits with her. They talk.

A blonde, 16-year-old young woman walks up to them and Bieber hugs her. She sits with them and whispers in Bieber’s ear. He talks with her. She waves “goodbye” to the 16-year-old young woman and walks away. The 16-year-old young woman tells him, “let’s go” and they take a walk.  He opens the curtain of the photo booth for her. They take goofy photos.

At the kiosk, she puts a scarf around his neck. He places a hat on her head. The blonde, 16-year-old young woman talks to Bieber again. She takes off the hat while he gives the blonde 16-year-old young woman the scarf. While Bieber continues to talk with the blonde, 16-year-old young woman, she admires a navy blue dress in the store window. Bieber turns and sees her walking, her head down.

She sits by her windowsill and reads a book. Smiling, she looks at the photos with Bieber and places it on the page. On her bed, she sees a present and unwraps. She holds up the navy dress and grins as she reads the card from Bieber, which reads, “you’re my Christmas wish.” Wearing the dress, she walks out of her house and walks across the street. Bieber holds her hand and opens the car door for her.

He holds onto her as they walk to the outdoor dance. The blonde, 16-year-old young woman touches his shoulder and says hello. He looks down at and dances with the 16-year-old woman. They kiss as it continues to snow.

Rating: 5/5

The 16-year-old young woman holds Justin Bieber’s hand as they walk into the family room. Bieber sits next to her brother and shakes his hand. His brother asks Bieber if he wants to play a video game. Bieber picks up the controller and plays. The 16-year-old young woman hugs him as he beats the level. His brother asks Bieber if he brought the mac and cheese. Bieber says he wouldn’t forget it.

Over dinner, Bieber talks to her mom about his classes. Her mom asks if he’s thinking about any specific colleges. He turns to the 16-year-old young woman and says they have a few in mind. Her mom smiles at them and says it’s good they want to stay together. The 16-year-old young woman says she has to make a decision next fall. It seems so far away. Bieber says it’s going by fast, though.

As they take a walk, she says she thought her dad was going to flip about college. He says he was surprisingly cool with it. She puts his hand on his chest and says they’ll mention living together sometime next year. The 16-year-old blonde young woman walks up to Bieber and says “hi” and says she has a present for him. He accepts it and tells her they have to go back to the 16-year-old’s young woman’s house. The blonde, 16-year-old young woman says she’ll see him at her New Year’s Eve party. He nods and says, “yeah.” The 16-year-old young woman says “bye” to her and puts her head on his shoulder.

Director: Roman White Year: 2011

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