Video Review: Lil Baby “On Me”

A message on the black screen reads: “Hey so this is a Lil Baby video. Actually it’s just moments from a random trip. So here we go…”

Lil Baby takes his suitcases out of the back of a truck. He rolls his suitcases as he walks with several friends and boards the plane. He eats Oreo cookies on the plane as his friends sleep. His friends take pictures of themselves at a store after they land.

He rides a Jetski in the water. A twentysomething woman slathers suntan on a second twentysomething woman’s butt. They talk to Lil Baby and a couple of friends. He drinks a bottle of water as he stands by the railing. A third twentysomething woman leans against his chest as he lifts up his shirt. A couple of twentysomething woman talk to each other. He walks by two cars.

Someone passes Lil Baby a bong. He says, “I need this.” One of the twentysomething women says, “no, don’t give him no more. He’s not going to be able to…” She smacks his arm and he laughs. A twentysomething shakes her butt. He and his friends look at another boat passing by them.

He walks with one of the twentysomething woman to the family room. He and his friends sit closely with the women. Lil Baby stops to look at a painting on the wall. A twentysomething woman, wearing a sea green bikini, waits for him on the second floor. He sleeps on a recliner.

Rating: 1/5

Lil Baby analyzes the painting. He bends down and sees the artists’ signature. A twentysomething woman calls him to come up stairs. He asks her about the painting. She shrugs and she thought it looked cool. He snaps a photo of it on his phone.

He lies awake in the bed and stares at the wall. The twentysomething woman, her hand pressed on his chest, snores as she lies next to him. He moves her hand and gets up. His phone vibrates as he gets dressed. Sitting on the bed, he scrolls through the photos. It was from the night before. He turns to the twentysomething woman and asks what’s going on in the picture. She bursts out laughing.

Lil Baby boards the plane with his friends. One of his friends say he needed the weekend. Lil Baby says he’s going to sleep and wake him up when the plane lands. A second friend shouts and he groans as he lies back in the seat. A movie plays in the background. A third friend nudges him and asks him if he wants a sandwich. Lil Baby unwraps it and eats it as he sits up. The pilot tells them they are preparing to land.

Director: Lil Baby Year: 2020

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