Video Review: Pat Benatar “Shadows of the Night”

Circa 1940s, a fan whirs by a twentysomething  woman’s table. She inspects a screw. Two other women weld some metal at their table. Pat Benatar lines up the parts she made by her machine. Resting her head on the machine, she looks at a poster of a plane.

In class, Benatar sits in class with several twentysomething men. The twentysomething man  on her left(Judge Reinhold) takes out a pack of cigarettes and puts one in his mouth. On the right, the second twentysomething man crosses his arms (Bill Paxton). The third twentysomething on the end smokes a cigar as he listens.

She gets inside the Midnight Angel plane. Her classmates climb into their planes. They take off on the runway. She gives the thumbs up to Paxton and indicates she’s going to land. In a home, a Nazi General uses a stick on a map to demonstrate their territory. Benatar, and the two twentysomething men hide in the bushes. The second twentysomething man puts a gun to a soldier’s head and drags him away.

They climb over the wall and watch the meeting inside the home. She gestures for classmates to come over. They put a bomb in a drawer. A twentysomething woman walks up to the General and puts her hands on his shoulders. He kisses her by the window and spots Benatar. The General instructs the soldiers to go after them.

Benatar and her classmates uncover the Midnight Angel plane. The Nazis fly near them. Benatar zeroes on a Nazi plane on the radar and zaps them. The General breaks his stick over his knees as he listens to the reports. The second twentysomething man gives her the okay sign. She gives him a thumbs-up.

Back at the factory, she sighs and continues to pull the lever on the machine.

Rating: 5/5

Pat Benatar clocks out after her shift at the factory. Some of the parts she made were going to make a new plane. However, as she read the headline in the newspaper, sometimes it seemed to be for naught. People were still getting killed every day in concentration camps in various countries in Europe. The Nazis had conquered several countries. The speculation about the Nazis reaching America had been dismissed. But it stayed in the back of her mind.

Each person in the concentration camp had a name and was a part of a family. Generations were being wiped out completely. Her boyfriend had enlisted in the war and she had mentioned she wanted to sign up with him. He had asked her why she wanted to fight. She said she couldn’t do just do nothing. Six months later, he had died. Although she was helping with the war effort, it was from a distance.

Her boss says he has some news. She and her co-workers gather by their machines. He says the war is over and they have been released from their duties. He thanks them for their patriotism and tells them they can go home. Benatar picks up her things from her station and takes out a photo with her boyfriend. She touches the photo and folds it back in her wallet.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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