Video Review: Fefe Dobson “Bye Bye Boyfriend”

Fefe Dobson walks on stage in the club. One of the band members sits on the floor, tuning his guitar. She holds onto the microphone and starts to sing. A ladder stands off to the side on the stage. She twirls the microphone in her hand and walks around.

She moves the curtain and walks to a taxi. Sitting in the backseat, she rolls the window down and wraps the seatbelt around her neck. She walks down the street and enters her boyfriend’s home. As she sits on the couch, she jingles the keys in her hands and sees a framed photo of her with him. She thinks of them kissing on the couch and smashes the frame. Using a tube of lipstick, she writes “Loser!” on the mirror. She gets back into the cab.

She continues to perform on stage. The crowd jumps up and down as she sings. They walk onto stage and grab her. She bumps into people as she sings. Her boyfriend shakes his head as he looks at the mirror.

Rating: 2/5

Fefe Dobson kisses the guitarist in the band. She takes his hand and says they should get some breakfast. The guitarist asks her, “really?” She says she and her broke up. He says he’s been waiting for her to say those words and picks her up. Her boyfriend leans against the wall at the club and sees her kissing the guitarist. Dobson had become part of the local rock scene in the area.

Her boyfriend writes notes in his class. Dobson saunters in, late and crosses her arms as she sit in the desk. He looks up from his test while the teacher tells her she’s getting an zero. Dobson sneers and says she’s in class. The teacher tells her she can’t take the test. Dobson curses at her. The teacher points at the door and demands for her to leave. Dobson flips over her desk. His classmates stare at him. He circles a letter on the test.

During lunch, one of his classmates sits down and says Dobson just left. She hasn’t been in any of her classes. Her boyfriend says she’s a rock star now. Her band has gotten really popular. His classmate says she read an article about them in a local paper. She remarks Dobson’s not the same. Her boyfriend puts down his fry and says he misses who she used to be.

Director: Vale George Year: 2003

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