Video Review: Ritt Momney “Put Your Records On”

Bees fly to flowers on the front lawn. A 10-year-old boy sits on his bed. He walks to the front lawn and bends down to pick up a glowing bubblegum pink rose. Mitt Romney sniffs the glowing bubblegum pink rose as he stands up.  He tosses it over his shoulder. The bubblegum pink rose changes the petals into the same color.

Rose petals fall from the pastel sky. He holds up his clear umbrella and walks to a small, heart-shaped lake in the ground. Two pink-striped butterflies rest by his eyes. Sitting on the fence, he drinks from a coffee cup. He swipes his reflection in the lake, turning it rose pink.

He kicks away some of the petals as he sings into the microphone. A twentysomething woman and man play the keyboard behind him. Bluebirds sail past their heads. The twentysomething man’s eyes become clear. Yellow paint drips from the twentysomething woman’s eyes as her face melts. Momney spreads pink paint across his face while the butterfly blends into his skin. They each glow. The twentysomething man and woman sway by their keyboards. Momney stumbles as the pastel sky pushes its swirl close to his body.

The 10-year-old boy sniffs a red rose and watches the pastel sky swirl towards the window.

Rating: 2/5

Mitt Romney, as an adult, tucks the rose in his pocket. He walks on the rose-petal sidewalk. About a decade into the future, the neighborhood remained peaceful. A twentysomething woman runs up to him and exclaims, “you’re here!” He asks her name. She says she’s his old friend from elementary school. He shouts “OMG!” and says school has been lonely without her. A twentysomething man says, “you probably don’t remember me.” He shakes his head. The twentysomething says they talked on the bus one day.

He says his favorite diner no longer exists and the school has disappeared. The twentysomething man and woman exchange looks. The twentysomething woman says some places have to be given up in order to stay. She explains there are abandoned places and people have tried reconstructing it. The twentysomething man says they’ve found out it destroys the structure completely in present time.

Romney presses his hands to his temples and convulses on the grass. She says the time travel is depleting his memories. She helps him up and tells him it’ll only hurt for a few hours. A swirl in the pastel sky forms a transparent wall. He touches it and it crystallizes his hand. He says wants to be real again. The twentysomething man and woman dissolve into the sky. He returns to his bedroom, terrified of the ominous pastel sky.

Director: Daniel Jordan K Year: 2020

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