Video Review: Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing”

Four thirtysomething women stand behind Marvin Gaye as he sings in the club. A twentysomething leans her arm on the railing as she talks to the person next to her. She turns to listen.

A second thirtysomething woman turns on the television in the car. She stares at her lap while the she sits in the backseat. In the video, he walks into a doctor’s office. The second thirtysomething woman puts on her glasses and takes his blood pressure. He stares at her legs and butt. She takes Midnight Love Potion out of the cabinet.

Back in the club, the four thirtysomething women dance by Gaye. In the office, the second thirtysomething woman gives him a spoonful of potion. He watches her as she guzzles it from the bottle. She takes off her glasses. He kisses her by the fireplace and they hug. In the club, the audience claps for him as he walks off to stage. He gets into the car and kisses the second thirtysomething woman. They drive off.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething woman pulls her fur coat closer to herself. She coughs. Her throat was dry, which was side effect of the love potion she developed. She pours herself a glass of champagne. The alcohol seemed to enhance the potion inside her. She takes out a vial of the potion and puts it in the second champagne bottle.

Marvin Gaye walks into the car and says he loves her. She blushes and asks him to drink some champagne. He asks her if the medicine was in it. The thirtysomething woman eyes the driver and tells him it’ll be okay. His eyes widen after he drinks it. She says she changed it from the generic brand. He comments it’s quite potent.

Back at home, they sleep together all night. As the sun rises, they fall asleep. Her pager goes off. She throws it off the table. It breaks into pieces on the carpet. She puts her arms around Gaye and says they can do without her today. He says he can’t move his legs. She removes the sheet over him and asks him to wiggle his toes. His toes back and forth. She touches his leg and says it’s just temporary. He says his lips are okay, though. She leans into him and gives him a kiss.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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