Video Review: Taylor Swift “Willow”

Taylor Swift, wearing a cardigan, sits on the piano bench and holds a golden string. She looks into the piano. At night, she walks out of a tree and follows the golden string to the lake. In the reflection, she rests her head on a young man’s (Taeok Lee) shoulder. She touches the water and it disappears. Brushing some of the golden string, she dives into the lake.

An 8-year-old girl walks into a tent. An 8-year-old boy holds the golden string in a cat’s cradle. They laugh. She touches it and he fades away. She opens the tent. Swift walks onto a display case on stage. While she plays guitar, a twentysomething man touches a twentysomething woman’s chin. She stops once she sees the young man. He walks towards her and touches the glass. She opens the curtain and sees the wood behind it. Touching each sides of the glass, she gives him a worried look. Sitting down, she opens a box and sees the golden string.

Wearing a robe, she walks in the forest at night with several people. In the light snow, they dance by the golden magic springing from the ground. She follows the golden string in the snow. He takes off his mask and watches her. She climbs out of the piano and touches the golden string. The young man walks to her. They hold hands as the front door opens. She gazes at him while they walk into the leaves in the hazy, golden forest.

Rating: 5/5

The golden string wraps around Taylor Swift’s bare feet and leads back inside the piano. She touches it and expects  it to singe her hand. However, the powder dissolves into her hand, cooling it. Glancing around the home, she sees a few candles in the corner. A framed photograph of her family hangs on the wall. Through the window, a heavy snow begins to fall. The forest itself was unpredictable and cagey. It would be preferable to the desolation in the cabin. She climbs back into the piano.

Walking into a memory, she views the love of her life. He had taught her cat’s cradle while they played in the tent in the family room of his home. They climbed up the branches in the trees and feed the deer who came by. However, she believed she had manifested him from her imagination. He hadn’t been real to anyone except her.

She pulls the magic of the golden string towards her. The magic may provide her some ability to find him within her mind again. Back at home, she sees the continuous golden string and looks back at the piano. She had chosen the wrong direction. It lead somewhere in her home. The young man appears before her. She takes his hand. He existed as she saw him in her mind. She squeezes his hand. It was real flesh.

Director: Taylor Swift Year: 2020

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