Video Review: Brandy & Ma$e “Top of the World”

A twentysomething man breakdances on the sidewalk. Brandy sits in the corner of her bedroom. Ma$e parks his car on the curb and talks on his cell phone as he walks on the sidewalk. Brandy talks to him on the phone while floating by the side of the building. As she looks into the window, she drops the phone.

Kicking her legs in the air, she touches the lightbulb hanging on the ceiling and turns it on. She and several people dance on the painted street. She balances herself as she walks on a wire structure. People walk by her as she walks across a building. She hangs onto a streetlight. People watch as she floats over their cars.

Ma$e joins Brandy on the painted street. They dance with the other people. She stands on the ledge of an building. Ma$e sits on the hood of the car and watches float by the car. She reaches for his hand.

Rating: 3/5

Brandy plants her feet on the ground. A 16-year-old young woman says she admires her and says she wishes she could do it. Brandy bounces up as she talks, saying it’s actually tiring. The hostess apologizes and says she’ll bring a chair. Brandy says it’s okay and she can wait for a table.

She touches the ceiling as she shops. The clerk rushes to help her. Brandy assures she’s fine as she lands on the ground. She slides on floor and exclaims, “ouch!” The clerk puts her hand over her mouth and says she’s going to talk to her manager. The manager asks if she has to go to the hospital or needs anything. He says he’ll pay for the hospital bills. She thanks them but says it was her fault. The manager says whatever she wants, it’s on the store. She offers to pay something. The manager tells her she’s good. She thanks them again and walks out with a couple of t-shirts.

The mailwoman waves to her and asks for her autograph. Brandy signs her notebook and tells her she’s known her since she was a kid. The mailwoman says it’s different talking to her now. She doesn’t know what to say. Brandy takes the mail and asks her about her boyfriend. The mailwoman smiles and touches her heart, saying she remembered. She shows her a picture. Brandy says they make a good couple. The mailwoman says they are having a party but she’s probably too busy now. Brandy says her mom will remind her every day. The mailwoman says it was good to see her. Brandy walks inside and tells her mom the water bill came in the mail.

Director: Paul Hunter Year: 1998

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