Video Review: Shakin’ Stevens “Merry Christmas Everyone”

Shakin’ Stevens stands in the forest as it snows. He sits in a sleigh with a young woman, an elf. Santa Claus greets them at the toy factory. The children sit at desks and watch as the elves work. A 7-year-old stands at a conveyor belt and watches the rubber ducks go by.

Santa talks to the children as they play with the blocks at the table. Stevens stands by a Christmas tree in his home. A 10-year-old girl sits with a present in his lap. He puts his arm around the girl and gives her a kiss on the cheek. The children have a snowball fight on the front lawn. Stevens, riding next to Santa, stops the sleigh and joins the snowball fight. He hits the snowman on the nose. The snowman begins to dance.

Stevens continues to ride with Santa into the evening. Santa talks with two 6-year-old boys as they sit in his lap. Stevens stands by the fireplace. The children cheer as Steven leaves. Stevens shakes Santa’s hand as he sits in the sleigh. He waves at the children as he rides off.

Rating: 3/5

Shakin’ Stevens types on the computer in Santa Claus’ factory. The children preferred to build cabins out of their pieces of wood. A few children liked the dolls. However, they asked for additional clothing. He types out the schedule for the elves.

He supervises the elves’ designs for the clothes. During his break, he talks with the snowman. The snowman says he was notified he’ll be going into a mall for the holiday season. He’s helping out a first-time Santa during his shifts. He’ll also be taking notes of what the children ask for and sending the information back. Stevens remarks the children seem to want the simple things for the current season. The snowman says the elves are putting in extra hours for the elaborate toys. Stevens says they are meeting their deadlines.

Santa reads over Stevens’ report and says there are some children who didn’t write to him at all. He’s concerned about them. Stevens notes their ages and says they may have stopped believing. Another name disappears from the list. Santa says he’ll send some of his elves with him. Stevens shakes his hand and says he’ll see him in another few weeks.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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