Video Review: Coldplay “Christmas Lights”

A young man places the needle on the record. It plays on top of the piano. The rainbow painted piano keys plays on its own. Will, Guy, Jonny and Chris lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. Chris stands up and plays the piano. The red curtain opens on stage as Guy, Jonny and Will play.

Against the backdrop, the stars shine as it turns to night. The moon rises over ocean waves. Three Elvis impersonators play violin as they ride on a raft. A rocket flies by them. A shark attacks a sailboat. The stage lights up as Chris stands with the band.

In the South Bank of London, England, the lights sparkle at night. It begins to snow on stage. People release balloons from a boat on the River Thames. Fireworks go off over the stage and city.

Rating: 3.5/5

Chris drives by the houses in the neighborhood and looks at the Christmas lights. His kids would “ooh” and ask if they could take a tour. However, their mom had them for the holiday. It was the odd year. He parks his car and talks to the owner of the home. The thirtysomething woman asks about his kids. He says they are baking cookies with their mom. The thirtysomething woman gives him some candy canes for his kids.

As he walks through the arches, he sees the reindeer and Santa Claus. It was probably the last year his kids would want to see Santa. They talked about it on the phone with him earlier and sent him pictures. They told him what they wanted and he’s said he would try his best. He told them not to stay up late or they’ll miss Santa.

He eats Christmas cookies as he watches his family’s favorite holiday movie. Around 10 p.m., he turns off the lights and the tree. He writes down the ham and yams on the grocery list. There should be plenty left over. In about another week, they’ll celebrate Christmas together.

Director: Mat Whitecross Year: 2010

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