Video Review: Lisa Fischer “How Can I Ease The Pain”

Lit in teal, a twentysomething woman presses Lisa Fischer’s body against the wall and kisses her neck. In black-and-white, a tinsel platform rotates as Fischer stands on it and touches her face. Back in teal, she turns towards the twentysomething man and he kisses her cheek.

In black-and-white, she touches her legs and neck. She swings her hips, moving the fringe on her dress. Lit in blue, she stands against the wall by herself. Back in black-and-white, she runs her gloved hands along the pole. Lit in teal, the twentysomething man kisses her in bed. In black-and-white, she licks the pole. She continues to dance as the platform turns.

Rating: 1/5

Lisa Fischer notices the dust on the floor as the twentysomething man kisses her against the wall. He tells her she tastes good. Her head turned, she touches his shoulder. He grabs her leg and tells her not to move. As he continues to kiss her, she ignores his “I love you’s” and “angel’s.” She calls him her love and says he’s handsome. As he smooths out the sheets on the bed, she waits by the wall. There were words with no expectation behind them.

Fischer gets dressed and tells him she’s getting breakfast. He says he’ll see her next weekend. She puts on her high heel and walks to the diner a few blocks away. Hands in her coat, she bumps into a co-worker. He says he’s sorry and tells her she looks different. She pulls her coat closer to her chest and says she went out last night. He says he just stayed home and watched television. She says she was going to breakfast and asks if he wants to come with her.

She says she couldn’t follow the last meeting at work. The managers were contradicting one another. He says he ended up asking a couple questions to his manager, who said he didn’t really know. She laughs and says that’s just how it is. He talks to her about the movie he watched last night. She tells him about the bar she went to and edits out the twentysomething man. He didn’t have to know. Her co-worker pays for breakfast and walks with her to the subway. She says she’ll see him on Monday. He gives her his number and says to call him tomorrow instead. She smiles as he walks up the stairs.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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