Video Review: D’Angelo “Brown Sugar”

In an elevator, D’Angelo listens as sixtysomething man tells him, “back in the day, when I was a teenager, I had a ton of brown sugar.” D’Angelo grins. The sixtysomething replies, “that’s right. You don’t believe me.” He adds “those were the good old days. I’m not talking about the brown sugar you buy at the supermarket, brother. I’m talking about the real brown sugar. D’Angelo laughs as he leaves the elevator. The sixtysomething says, “see ya.” The sixtysomething man walks behind him and says, “hey, you’re going to the same place I’m going to, brotha.”

D’Angelo walks to piano on stage and plays. Smoke wafts the air as he sings. Several twentysomething women sit at their tables in the front row and sway in their seats. The thirtysomething man cleans the counter while a fiftysomething man gestures for him to pour. A twentysomething woman sits next to him.

In the bathroom, two twentysomething woman hug. A group of women snap their fingers as they sit in the chairs by the pool tables. A twentysomething man and woman grind against each other in the bathroom. D’Angelo watches as two twentysomething women dance in front of him. The audience claps for him.

Rating: 4.5/5

The sixtysomething man pats D’Angelo on the back as they talk. He tells him he played a smooth set and points out to the women, saying he could have anyone he wanted. D’Angelo says they might be waiting for him. The sixtysomething man laughs and says he would’ve been after them in his day. D’Angelo says it was good talking to him.

D’Angelo smokes his cigar. A twentysomething woman sits next to him and asks him if he has another cigar. He hands her one and lights it. She exhales and says she brought back to an era to she never lived. D’Angelo asks her “how?” She waves her hand, saying “it was the music.” She adds she was a dancer in an underground bar and had a lover who was fighting in the war. D’Angelo says he probably would be performing then, too. She says they’d be having an affair. D’Angelo nods and says it’s possible.

They watch a couple exit the bathroom. She comments another baby was just made. D’Angelo puts his hands up and says he knows nothing. She gives him a playful punch in the arm and asks him if he wants to play pool. He sips his drink and asks, “just pool?” She shakes her head and says she just doesn’t know. He puts his arms around her waist and she touches his cheek.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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