Video Review: Dolly Parton & Michael Bublé “Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas”

Animated snow falls on royal blue mountains at Holly Dolly’s Ski Resort. In the cabin, Dolly Parton sings into the microphone while Michael Bublé plays the piano. A group of people stand and listen to them. A thirtysomething man and woman pucker their lips at one another. People raise their cups at Parton.

Parton and Bublé bump into a fortysomething man and woman sitting on the stool at the counter at the bar. Bublé stands by the window. Old Man Winter sits on a cloud. A fiftysomething man opens the door. Snow fills the room and topples over the thirtysomething man accompanying him. Bublé fists pumps Old Man Winter as they stand in the snow.

Parton sits on the piano. Bublé taps his foot as he lies on a bear rug by the fireplace. The receptionist giggles as a third twentysomething man flexes his muscles. A fiftysomething man and woman throw a fit. Parton holds a mistletoe between them. The fiftysomething man and woman make out. Bublé plays the piano in the hot tub as two twentysomething women talk. The receptionist and the third twentysomething walk to the door “Employees Only” and enter. The third twentysomething man puts “do not disturb” on the doorknob. Several doors with “do not disturb” close at the same time.

Parton shakes a snowglobe by the fireplace. Within the snowglobe, a twentysomething woman and man skate on the ice. Bublé holds two toys. They place them on the mantle. The toy Nutcracker soldier holds the ballerina’s hand. On the cloud. Old Man Winter gestures for more now. A thirtysomething woman holds her infant while her thirtysomething husband sits next to her. Their 2-year-olds sits on the floor and plays. In a hole in the room, the mother mouse holds her baby in the recliner. The father mouse stands by them as the boy mouse plays on the floor.

He continues to play the piano while they ride the ski lift and slide down the hill. A baby bird sits on its mother’s head and hangs an ornament on the branch. A second twentysomething man and woman sit by the tree and exchange gifts. Two dogs in boxes rub each other’s noses.

Rating: 2.5/5

The fiftysomething man complains to Dolly Parton that the receptionist was acting inappropriately with the bellboy. Parton asks them if they received their towels and meal. The fiftysomething man nods and says the service has been exceptional. She tells him he perhaps should flirt with his wife.

Michael Bublé brings Old Man Winter some hot chocolate. Old Man Winter says it should raise the temperature for a bit. Bublé rubs his hands together and makes a snow angel. Old Man Winter gestures for more snow. Covered in snow, he lifts his arm. Old Man Winter helps him up.

The mother mouse hands the boy mouse a present. The father mouse says it’s from all of them. The boy mouse tears open the box and exclaims he can’t believe he found the wheel. The mother mouse they searched around all over the neighborhood. The father mouse says a cat found it for them. The boy mouse’s jaw drops and asks them how they were able to get out. The father mouse says the cat was really sweet and even took care of them. The boy mouse says he’s going to play now.

Director: Alex Popkin Year: 2020


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