Video Review: 2 Unlimited “No Limit”

Lights flash inside a pinball machine. Lit in scarlet red, an 18-year-old young man presses the buttons on side. The silver ball slides around the 1000 points box. Anita dances by several boxes. Ray, shirtless under the trench coat, points. The score goes up to 21,000. Ray kicks the air as he dances. They both continue to dance. On the screen, it reads “Game Over.”

Rating: 4/5

Ray slides the silver ball towards the 1,000 points. Anita, her hands on her hips, comments the 18-year-old young man seems to be on a date. The young woman seems pleased. Ray slides the ball again. A red light flashes above them. Anita curses and says the young man was so close. Ray says he knows how to fix it. He sends the ball back and switches a button in the back.

The young man says he thought he almost lost his high score. It’s the best he’s gotten so far. But he can’t continue. Anita searches for quarters in her pocket and tosses them onto the floor. Ray says he doesn’t have anything. The young woman picks up the quarter and says she found one. He deposits into the machine. Anita dodges the silver ball as he plays. She runs up the scoreboard and changes the numbers. Ray says it should be a little bit more. The young man received the bonus.

The young man points at the scoreboard and says he beat the number. The 18-year-old young woman kisses him. Ray and Anita cheer. The young man asks her if she hears anything. Ray and Anita sit still. They leave. One by one, the lights shut off. Ray tells Anita good night. Anita murmurs “night.”

Director: Nick Burgess-Jones Year: 1993


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