Video Review: Bing Crosby “White Christmas”

An animated snowflake falls from the sky. It twists towards an ornament on a Christmas tree. Bing Crosby sings within the ornament. A 7-year-old girl, standing in the snow with her puppy, smiles. Her father puts his hand on her shoulder and holds her as they pretend she’s playing. Her mother watches by the front door and puts her hand on her heart.

Through the blinds of the home, several airplanes fly in the sky. Her father sits at a desk and writes a letter. In the forest, he commands the soldiers to move. Helicopters fly over them as they run. Two explosions occur. The now 8-year-old girl cries as she stares a framed photo of her dad in uniform. Her mom wipes tears from her eyes and holds her. Bing Crosby, as a mailman, walks on the sidewalk and delivers a letter. The 8-year-old girl reads the letter and continues to cry. The framed letter hangs on the wall.

The now 28-year-old woman, in uniform, walks up to the door of her home as it snows and presses the doorbell. Her 7-year-old girl and puppy run to the door. The 28-year-old woman picks her up and gives her a hug. Her husband kisses her. She looks at the framed letter and photograph of her mom on the wall. Her dad puts his hand on her shoulder and she hugs him. Her dad carries her 8-year-old girl as she pretends to fly. It continues to snow as Crosby walks on the sidewalk.

A message on the screen reads: “dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces around the world who give their lives for their people.”

Rating: 5/5

The 30-year-old woman drives up to her mom’s home for Christmas. She carries her suitcases to the door and knocks. Her mom hugs her and asks her about her flight from Washington, D.C. The 30-year-old woman says it was delayed for a few hours due to weather. Her dad says they are glad she’s home.

The 30-year-old’s eyes widen as she views the turkey, stuffing, yams and other food on the table. She says she hasn’t seen so much food in a long time. Her mom pulls up a chair and tells her she’s hope she’s hungry. The 30-year-old woman says she doesn’t know where to start. She explains her host family in Jamaica struggled to get food. During her service in the Peace Corps, she wanted to create a program that would help them. She says it was tough to leave them. Her father says she’ll go back and visit them.

The 30-year-old woman excuses herself and says she has to go something. In her bedroom, she calls up her former boyfriend and leaves a message. She tells him she’s back in the United States and says they can go out for a drink, if he wants. She ends the call and walks back into the dining table.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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