Video Review: Bad Bunny “Hoy Cobré

During a sandstorm, a semi-truck drives in the desert. Bad Bunny dances on top of it. A twentysomething sips from her drink from a clear plastic cup and reads a book. An animated fiftysomething man with a white beard steers the truck. Bunny taps the side of the truck. The animated fiftysomething man stops.

Bunny walks on the white sand towards the store. He lights up his cigarette as he reaches the door. The clerk tells him, “you can’t smoke in here!” Bunny responds in Spanish. The clerk tells him, “give me one second.” On the walkie-talkie, the clerk says, “boss, we have a situation.” The manager (Snoop Dogg) says, “hey, hey, hey, what’s all the commotion going on over here.” Bunny tells him, “the man here is saying I can’t smoke in here.” The manager says to the clerk, “how you gonna act funny with the big Bad Bunny.” The clerk says, “but boss.” The manager dismisses him, saying, “boss my ass, you’re fired. Leave the jacket in the goddamned closet.” Bunny waves at him, calling out “bye bye!” The manager apologizes to Bunny and tells him to “smoke up.”

Bunny sits on one of the shoe displays and looks through a rack of shirts. He tosses out his money onto the floor. While the sun sets, Bunny dances on the white sand. Back in the store, the manager hangs up a shirt and dances with Bunny. In the desert, Bunny walks on the white sand. The clerk checks his phone and throws it.

Rating: 5/5

Bad Bunny asks the manager to ship the clothes back to his home. The manager says they are able to do it. Bunny nods as he taps the transportation app on his phone. The location couldn’t be found. Bunny puts his phone up. The manager says he’s not going to get a signal and presses a button. He says some form of transportation will arrive.

Bad Bunny walks outside and runs into a twentysomething woman with pink hair. The twentysomething woman gestures for him to come over and pats her motorcycle. He puts on the helmet and puts his hands around her waist as she speeds on the road.

The twentysomething woman disappears and he takes the handle of the motorcycle while approaching the city. He makes a hard right and skids on the ground. As he sits on the ground, he watches as the motorcycle fades away. He walks to his apartment. His clothes appear in his hands. Balancing his keys and the clothes, he leans against the door to open it.

Director: Stillz Year: 2020

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