Video Review: Jessie J & B.o.B. “Price Tag”

Against a cherry blossom pink background, a giant teddy bear sits on the floor. Its arm lies next to it, full of stuffing. A 10-year-old girl sits by it and walks around to the side. Jessie J walks by on the left side. She sits by the teddy bear.

She holds up a voodoo doll and gnome in her hands. A price tag dangles on her finger. She stands by a wooden directional sign. Three twentysomething man, wearing suits, dance against a sky blue background. She dances against a teal background. Back against the cherry blossom background, she stands underneath a money tree.

Wearing a tutu, she stands on a music box and turns against the teal background. She dances with two young women against the cherry blossom pink background. Back to the teal background, she hangs up by strings as a puppet. The two other young women join her. She rides a kid’s bicycle. B.o.B. dances by an old car. He stands by several toy soldiers.

Against the cherry blossom pink background, she sits inside a dollhouse. She sits on an oversized chair. The 10-year-old girl dances with her by the teddy bear. Jessie J sits on the floor and waves to her detached leg. She closes the door the dollhouse as she sits inside of it.

Rating: 2/5

Jessie J puts the sequined blouse back on the rack. It was too much. Her friend asks, “it’s not you?” She turns up her nose and says it’s kind of tacky. Her friend heaves a sigh and puts it back on the rack. Jessie J says she got t-shirt yeas ago and it’s still wearable. Her friend gestures to her jeans and says they are stretched out. Jessie J bends over and hikes up her jeans. Her friend hands her a pair of jeans. She says she’ll go to the dressing room.

Her friend suggests a restaurant in the mall. Jessie J says they are expensive and points to the food court. Her friend tells her she’s not eating junk. Jessie J gasps as she looks at the menu prices. Her friend says it’s average prices. Jessie J says it’s her entire budget for the day. Her friend tells her she works 40 hours a week, has benefits and can actually treat herself every once in awhile.

Jessie J carries her leftovers as they walk to the car. She presses the key button. The car doesn’t start. Her friend gives her an exasperated look. Her friend leans on the hood and calls roadside service. Jessie J tells her to hang up. It’ll go on her insurance. Her friend says with the money in repairs, she could’ve bought a new car. Jessie slumps her shoulders and sits next her. She asks her how long roadside assistance is going to be. Her friend tells her they’ll be there in about 45 minutes.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2011

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