Video Review: Krewella “Alive”

Yahan, Jasmine and Kris walk in the desert. A twentysomething woman reads the graffiti on wall  of a abandoned home. She stands by a dead tree and stares at the debris on the ground. A twentysomething man watches. Yahan, Jasmine, Kris. the twentysomething woman and man walk through the door of the home.

A fire burns on the sand as Yahan, Jasmine and Kris continue to walk. A second twentysomething woman holds onto the twentysomething woman while they are by themselves. A second twentysomething man smashes a piece of wood on the ground. Yahan spray paints a wall. Kris hits some furniture with a bat. The twentysomething man touches the twentysomething woman’s shirt.

They sit on the edge of the empty pool, letting out emerald smoke from their portable smoke machines. A third twentysomething man skateboards and throws a tire in the pool. The twentysomething woman raises her arms and closes her eyes. Yahan leaps onto the third twentysomething man’s back. The twentysomething woman kisses the twentysomething man. She sits with him by the fire. He puts his hand over hers.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman stares at the second twentysomething woman. The twentysomething man comments the second twentysomething woman has been single for a while. The twentysomething woman says perhaps she hasn’t found the right person. The twentysomething man suggests they should set her up with one of their friends. The twentysomething woman says maybe they should just leave it alone.

The twentysomething woman cracks the inside of the pool. Her arms ached as she hit the pool over and over with the bat. The second twentysomething woman puts her hand on her shoulder and takes the bat away from her. The twentysomething woman asks her what’s she doing. The second twentysomething woman scoffs, saying “apparently nothing.”

The twentysomething woman spray paints “love no one” on the wall. One of the twentysomething men smashes it. She finds a bat and hits the the covered table. The second twentysomething woman stares at her while she sits on the edge of the pool. Kris does a trick on his skateboard and she films it on her phone. Kris says he compete in an amateur competition in the summer. She kisses him on the lips. The twentysomething woman watches it and hits the wall. It tumbles to the ground.

Director: N/A Year: 2012

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