Video Review: Pop Smoke “What You Know Bout Love”

Pop Smoke, lit in gray within an electric blue square, tells people, “I love y’all. I fuck wit y’all and I appreciate y’all. I wouldn’t be nothing without y’all.” He carries his phone as he walks through the studio. In a split screen, he dances as he holds money in his hand. He plays basketball. Wearing a coat, he stands outside and smokes.

Rolling the window down in the car, he talks to someone and waves to a fan while in traffic. In a triple screen, he performs in London, England on his Instagram stories (left). He performs songs in the center and right screens. People dance with their friends or relatives in the PopSmoke challenge.  In a split screen, he dances by himself (left) and with his friends near a car (right).

He dances on a gym floor. Lit in gray, he sits on a chair at his home and talks with someone. He dances on stage. Standing by a computer, he works on a song in the studio. Dozens of people perform the song on Instagram. A message reads on the screen: “Pop Smoke Forever.”

Lit in gray and within electric blue square, he talks to someone while in his car. He hugs one of his friends and sends a message on his phone.

Rating: 3/5

Pop Smoke still had goals. He was developing his career in music. Most of his days were spent performing in small clubs. Sometimes, it required him to travel overseas. His fanbase in London, England was growing. Rapping what was he loved doing.

Each fan meant something to him. They participated in his challenges and helped promote his music. His fans cared and wanted him to succeed. But not like this. He was up and coming. There were ideas and dreams left behind.

What would he have accomplished? How would he have changed the genre? Would records be broken? What would have been his magnum opus? For family, friends and fans, they wonder and think what could have been.

Director: Oliver Cannon Year: 2020

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