Video Review: Katy Perry “Not The End of the World”

Zooey Deschanel reads The Smile Times on a park bench. It reads “Not The End of the World.” On another planet, a blue woman alien works the controls and asks “are you sure it’s really her?” The second blue woman alien replies, “Duh!” Katy Perry smiles at her baby while she walks her in the pram. The radar zeroes in on Perry. The second blue woman exclaims, “OMG, you have to look at this!” The blue woman alien scolds her, telling her “put your phone away.”

Perry walks past Deschanel while a stuffed toy lands on the ground. Deschanel picks it up and gets zapped. The two blue woman aliens curse at each other. Deschanel opens her eyes as she stands in teleportation chamber. A third blue woman alien takes her hand and shows her the television, which reads “Welcome. Greetings Katy Perry. We’ve been waiting for you!” The blue aliens clap for her, saying “Katy! Katy! Katy!” Deschanel explains she’s actually Zooey and it’s been a “misunderstanding.” They continue to say Perry’s name. Deschanel chants her name and they stare at her. The blue aliens continue to clap. Her eyes wide, she follows the third blue woman alien.

The two blue woman aliens smile and wave at Deschanel as she passes by. A message on their screen blinks red: “Earth Self-Destruct 59:27.”  The Captain, a fiftysomething man, says hello and opens his jacket, showing her his Perry Teenage Dream-era t-shirt. Deschanel’s eyes dart from the left to the right. He gestures to the screen and tells her, “we saved you from Earth!” Deschanel gets concerned. He turns to the two female aliens and asks them why she isn’t happy. They respond, “it’s amnesia.” The fiftysomething blue alien man instructs them to prepare her for the show. Deschanel walks to the two woman blue aliens and says she knows it’s a mistake and she’ll help them.

She sits on the couch with several blue woman aliens and stares at the mannequins wearing Perry costumes from her different eras. She turns in a chair, wearing a blue wig and holds two sundaes to her breasts. A fourth blue alien woman hands her a lollipop and whipped cream. She tosses a beach ball over her head.

At the controls, she pulls out the joystick for the Earth’s Internet and watches the screen. It reads: “Earth Is Saved!” She and the two blue alien woman dance. Katy Perry, wearing a planet on her shoulder, performs on stage. The blue aliens dance.

Rating: 5/5

Katy Perry nods while the blue aliens speak to her. She turns to Zooey Deschanel and asks her if she understands. Deschanel explains they are huge fans of her and were trying to rescue her before an asteroid hit the Earth. Perry puts her hand on her heart and tries to mimic their language. The aliens giggle. Deschanel enters it into her translation app and tells her it’ll repeat what she wants to say.

Perry hands out classic merch from the Teenage Dream era. Deschanel snatches a t-shirt and says she missed out the first time around. Perry hands her a jacket and Deschanel says she thought they sold out. Perry grins and tells he to enjoy it. Perry tells the aliens she’s going to hang out a little longer. The blue aliens ask to see pictures of her her baby. They “awww” at the pictures on her camera roll. Perry says she’s Deschanel’s biggest fan. She says Deschanel saved them all and now her baby will be able to grow up. The blue aliens crowd around Deschanel, telling her they love her, too.

Deschanel watches a leaf fall on the ground. She rubs her shoulders and puts on a jacket. While she sits in the park, she smiles. Perry sits next to her, holding her baby. Deschanel and Perry grin at one another.

Director: Similar But Different Year: 2020

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