Video Review: Prince “Partyman”

The band plays inside the ballroom. A twentysomething woman swims in a fish tank. A twentysomething man shakes the hand of his friend and asks him, “how you doing?” His friend replies, “some party, huh?” A man asks, “where’s the guest of honor?” The people, wearing white masks over half of their faces, turn towards the band.

Four twentysomething men, dressed in purple suits with white paint covering half of their face, walk through the door. One twentysomething man reads from a scroll, “all hail, it’s the new king: Partyman!” A young woman asks, “Partyman?” Lit in royal blue silhouette, Gemini snaps his fingers and whistles as he walks by the door. He enters and nods at the band director to play. While the band plays, he dances.

He walks down the steps and on top of a table. In his coat jacket, he takes out a small bottle and drinks it. He pours some of it in the fish tank. The twentysomething woman pokes her head out of the water to drink. Reporters scramble to take photos of him. He flashes a silver plate in front of them and they walk away. People put their champagne glasses in the fish tank as he swings from a rope.

Gemini continues to dance by the entrance. A second twentysomething blonde woman walks up the steps and stands by the Gemini. She kisses him on the cheek. A third twentysomething woman watches them. He walks up to her and takes her hand. They walk down the steps. As he plays the piano, she lies on the floor. Gemini motions for his minions to follow him. They walk down a hallway. He taps a chimpanzee’s arm and hands it a banana. The chimpanzee peels the banana and sees the “psyche” written within it.

Lying on the piano, he lights a thirtysomething man’s cigarette. He smirks while the thirtysomething man lands on the floor, his hair sticking up and soot on his face. People dance on the balcony. His minions carry a third twentysomething woman up the steps. He talks to her before they take her down the hallway. Gemini pops out behind a column and talks with a fourth twentysomething woman. He approaches her and asks her, hey, baby, what you smoking?” She answers, “baloney.” He offers to light it for her. Her hair catches on fire. She tells, “look what you’ve done to my hair!” He cackles as people collapse and become weak.

Lit in royal blue, the police storm through the entrance and see the people lying dead on the floors and tables. Gemini and two of his minions dance on the balcony. The police stare at Gemini. Gemini blows them a kiss and walks away.

Rating: 5/5

Gemini crosses his legs as he sits at the table. One of his minions, a twentysomething man, informs him there are rumors of Batman trying to entrap him. Gemini laughs and hand waves it. He tells his minions he welcomes the challenge from Batman. A second twentysomething man says Batman would have a grand time at the ball. Gemini puts his finger to his chin and says “perhaps we’ll meet Batman instead.”

Batman swoops in and tells Gemini, “hello.” Gemini touches his wing and says it’s a fair imitation. Batman asks him for a light. Gemini shows him his lighter and tells him to say the magic word. Batman knocks over the steps. Gemini scrambles and orders his minions to fight. Batman punches them one by one. They tumble on the ground.

Gemini walks backwards as Batman approaches him. He explains to Batman it was just a mix-up and it was only a little poison. They were only supposed to sleep for a few hours, top. Batman presses a button on his keychain. A chandelier falls from the ceiling and lands on Gemini.

Director: Albert Magnoli Year: 1989

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