Video Review: Christina Milian “Dip It Low”

Wearing a teal robe with flower embroidery on the bottom, she dances by the wall and puts her leg on the bench. Gold petals blossom on an animated flower. Wearing a gold veil with an embellished gold shirt, she dances in another room.

Wearing a red dress, she dances with two young men in an apartment. People stand by the wall and watch her. A twentysomething man unties her dress. She continues to dance, wearing a cut-out black bodysuit. Wearing sequined black shorts and a black crop top, she dances with the two young women. Several men join them.

Wearing the cut-out bodysuit, she sits in a container of black paint. She spreads some black paint across her chest. A second young men uses a ladle and pours the paint on her body. She rolls around in the paint. One of the young men lifts her up and carries her. Wearing the sequined black shorts and black crop top, she continues to dance.

Rating: 5/5

Christina Milian towels off her hair in the bathroom and puts on her cut-out bodysuit. A twentysomething man knocks on the door. She lets him in and asks him to help her with her bodysuit. It’s bunched up by her hips. He touches her hips and kisses her.

As they walk out, she says it was a blast sliding around in the paint. She got most of it off of her. The young man points out a spot. She tells them he can help her take it off back at home. The young man tells the twentysomething woman it was an excellent party. The young woman calls out to Milian and asks for her name. Some of her friends want to book her for their parties. Milian hands them her business card and says to indicate it on the company’s website.

Milian lies in bed with the young man and says she had fun getting to know him. He turns to her and asks her if she has work in the evening. Milian says she’ll be performing a burlesque routine for at least thirty businessmen. He asks her if she can get him. She says it’s not possible but she can give him a preview. He sits up in bed. She walks to the bathroom and changes into costume. He watches as she performs the routine for him.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2004

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