Video Review: Eminem “GNAT”

In a hospital gown, Eminem gets out his cup of Gnat ramen soup out of the microwave. Wearing a hazmat suit, he stands in a lab while bats fly around him. Back in the hospital gown, he sits on a chair in the kitchen and watches television. On television, the host (also Eminem) catches flies with his hands.

While sitting at the table, he sniffs some Pringles chips and gestures toward a famous basketball star. Back in the lab, he cleans the glass. Dogs run after each other in the backyard as he stands by them. Wearing a coat, t-shirt and jeans, he sits at the table and writes in his apartment. He walks out and flirts with a thirtysomething woman. Her boyfriend spreads out his arms as he walks behind him.

The thirtysomething irons a t-shirt with Eminem’s face on it. In the coat, t-shirt, and jacket, he spins around in the washing machine. She carries the laundry past him in the family room. He presses the remote on the remote control as he sits on the couch. Within a ring on the table, lies a prescription bottle. He takes several pills and swallows them. Walking on the street, he puts on a face mask. At night, two twentysomething men circle him. One of the twentysomething men hides behind a dumpster and shoots his gun.

In black-and-white, he walks around as capillaries connect in the background. The other twentysomething man shoots Eminem. Amid flashing lights, he wakes up on the floor in a hallway. Holding his chest, he places his hand on the walls as he walks. At the end, he finds a gold-painted fiftysomething man playing the trumpet. Back in the lab, he grabs a bat and eats it.

Rating: 3.5/5

Eminem coughs into his shoulder while eating his ramen. At least he was on the mend. He pulls out the tube and throws the bag away. The home care nurse knocks on the door. He walks to the door and lets her inside. She sits by him and asks him how he’s doing. He says he’s still coughing. The nurse writes it down and checks his vitals. She says there’s improvement and says she’s going to notify the doctor.

The dogs climb on him as he sits on the couch. They bark at him to let him out. He tells them to be patient and picks up some toys as he walks to the back door. While outside, he breathes in the cold air. There was a dusting from the night before. One of his dogs gives him a stick. He throws it to him. After being sick for weeks, he was finally better.

Eminem’s girlfriend sighs as she stirs spaghetti sauce in the pot. He continues to watch television and glances at her cooking in the kitchen. She asks him to carry the pot for her. He walks over to the stove and puts it on the counter. She asks him to be careful going out tonight. He says it’s just a few blocks away. Wearing his face mask, he felt people watching. Two men approach him for money. He says he’s out. One hides and shoots his gun. Waking up in a hallway, he asks the golden man about his girlfriend. He tells Eminem there is room for him with the other survivors. In the room, thousands from his own state sit.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2020

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