Video Review: Fiona Apple “Limp”

Fiona Apple looks at the ceiling and then gets out of bed. The twentysomething man next to her lies on his stomach while he continues to sleep. Lit in royal blue, she walks into the bathroom and turns on the light. Back in color, she takes out her lipstick out of the cabinet and puts her hands in the sink. In front of the mirror, she puckers her lips.

Back in royal blue, she walks into the closet. In color, she puts her arms around the clothes and goes through the racks. Wearing a pantsuit, she turns on the light and smirks. Back in royal blue, she talks into a young man’s ear. Lit in apple red, she walks down the stairs and touches her face.

The lights turn on as she walks into the library. She walks to a table and completes a jigsaw puzzle. She walks into the family room and lies on the couch. As she pulls the blanket to her body, she watches herself on television. The scenes rewind. She continues to walk around the house.

Rating: 4/5

Fiona Apple brushes her hand on the pantsuit as she stands in front of the mirror. She rehearses some of the possible questions and answers people might ask her. Although if it were up to her, she’d be in a t-shirt and jeans. She was comfortable in it. However, the twentysomething needled her to be proper.

She finishes the jigsaw puzzle within an hour. Her boyfriend had given up on it and left it. However, she was able to do it. She stares at the puzzle, proud of herself for accomplishing it. Perhaps she’ll buy a few more puzzles at the store. But she was tired. She turns on the television and lies down. Some lipstick rubs her lips and takes out the tube. As she touches up her lipstick, she sees a twentysomething woman fluffing her hair in the school bathroom and says a cruel comment to one of her classmates. Apple places the tube of lipstick on the table.

Walking upstairs, she touches the twentysomething man’s arm and tells him it’s time to go to work. He tells her he doesn’t have to do anything. Sitting up, he tells her she looks professional and rolls his eyes. She says she picked out for dinner with his parents. He bursts out laughing and puts his hand on his forehead. She retorts she’s doing what he wanted. He scoffs. She throws the pillow at him and shakes her head. He curses at her. She walks into the bathroom and wipes the lipstick off her lips.

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson Year: 2000

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