Video Review: Maluma “Medallo City”

Maluma sips his coffee while sitting on the ledge of the the Coltejer Tower in Medellin, Colombia. People play soccer on a field on the side of a building. An 18-year-old young man stands on the roof of an building. Maluma dances on a second rooftop. He joins the soccer game and kicks the ball.

He sits by the pool, his eyes closed and concentrates. In the recording studio, he writes in a notebook while two twentysomething men. A bottle of Smirnoff sits on the table as he records. Maluma clinks his glass with the two twentysomething men.  A group of teenagers laugh while they hang out together at the park. Two trains roll past the Hotel Nutibara and Palacio de la cultura Rafel Uribe.

Two other twentysomething men do pull ups at the park. Maluma waves to the people from the balcony. Three twentysomething men pop wheelies on their bicycles as they ride on the street. A 19-year-old young woman smiles as she stands by her stand by her flowers in the market. A second twentysomething man makes an ice cream from a Raspro stand. A dog barks on the balcony. Maluma grabs a sandwich to eat.

Two fiftysomething men pull their wheelbarrow filled with pineapples. At night, Maluma hangs out with a group of people at a parking lot. Some people sit on their motorcycles. He and his friends stand by a wall painted with the city’s name. Maluma waves to fans as he walks out of the hotel. People lie on the rooftop, spelling out “Medallo.”

Rating: 5/5

Maluma sits in the coffee shop and observes the people. A particular phrase strikes him and he writes it down. He could use it in a song. Across from him, a thirtysomething American woman types on her laptop. By the window, a twentysomething couple laughs. His phone beeps. A few of his friends ask him to play soccer. He tucks his notebook on his side and heads for the park.

One of his friends bounces the ball on his knees as he walks to the park. A second friend says he’s on their team and asks him to score a goal. Maluma dodges the ball towards the goal and misses it. He says he was so close. While they continue to play, he blocks several goals and ends up scoring a point. His second friend asks him how long he is in town. Maluma responds he’s staying for about a few days.

Maluma drinks a beer while he talks with a third friend on the sidewalk Parque Lleras. His third friend says he’s glad they were finally able to get together. Maluma waves to a twentysomething woman as she walks by. She calls out his name and gives him a hug. He asks her if she wants to stay for a beer. She says she was on her way to dinner. His friend invites her to join them at the club later. She says she’ll probably be there at about 10 p.m.

Director: Harold Jackalope Year: 2020

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