Video Review: Vonda Shepard “Searchin’ For My Soul”

Vonda Shepard, wearing a cardigan over her tank top, dances in the unisex bathroom at Cage & Fish law firm. She claps her hands as she sits on the piano bench while she performs at the bar. In a clip, from the 1997 television show, Ally McBeal, Ally (Calista Flockhart) rolls her eyes.

She stands within a flower. In a clip, the elevator bumps Ally’s shoulder as she gets inside. Ally dances in the bathroom and gets caught by Billy (Gil Bellows). Shepard sits on a floor of flowers. She catches them in her hands. The Dancing Baby dances in Ally’s family room. Ally and Billy sleep together within a cup of coffee. Georgia (Courtney Thorne-Smith) smacks Richard’s (Greg Germann) arm in the elevator. John (Peter MacNichol) dances in the bathroom. His eyes widen once he sees Greg watching him in the mirror. Elaine (Jane Krakowski) hugs Richard.

Continuing with the clips, Ally kicks a bathroom stall and its door hits in the face. Back in the bathroom, Shepard claps her hands as two guitarists play. In a clip, Ally talks with her best friend, Renee (Lisa Nicole Carson). Multiple arrows pierce Ally’s heart as Billy talks to her. Back in the bathroom, Shepard glances over her shoulder as she walks towards the door.

Rating: 3.5/5

Vonda Shepard scrambles to carry the coffee in the carton as she walks into the office. A coffee spills on Richard and she gasps. Richard wipes it off and shrugs. He asks her if he’s John’s new girlfriend. She says she’s the new paralegal. Richard directs her to talk to with Elaine.

Elaine puts her arm around her shoulder and says she met a handsome guy in the elevator. Shepard hits the keys. An error occurs on the computer. She asks if they should contact IT. Elaine says a guy in IT would be a good match for her. She calls up IT and sees if anyone is available. Elaine tells her someone will be right up. Shepard tells her IT is really fast. Elaine winks at her.

While in the bathroom, she sees Ally staring into the bathroom mirror. Ally asks her how her first day is going. Shepard says it’s been eventful. Ally shakes her head and says Billy isn’t going to love her again. Vonda says he may still care about her. But he can’t say anything of Georgia. Ally mutters “Georgia” pouts. She says she can defeat Georgia. The IT guy walks into the bathroom and grins at Shepard. Shepard waves at him. Ally mouths “no” at her while he walks into the stall. Shepard says he is cute and then holds her nose. Ally covers her mouth and rushes to open the door.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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