Video Review: Jhené Aiko & Wiz Khalifa “Down Again”

An animated Jhené Aiko and Wiz Khalifa wave their arms on the home screen of the “Down Again” game. Khalifa walks on his lawn. Aiko pops out of the bushes. Two twentysomething women, a fox and bunny dance by the trees. Small bags of money drop from the sky. Khalifa smokes his cigarette and exhales. The smoke forms a ring around Aiko.

Aiko floats into the sky. A boy bunny waves to her from his cloud. A dragon flies over her. A thought bubble of emojis hangs over her head. Using a wand, she chooses a different outfit. Khalifa continues to smoke as he flies by on his own cloud. The dragon flaps its wings as Aiko rides it. The dragon takes her to an island. She jumps onto a charcoal platform. Khalifa lands on the a platform. They dance while the crabs wave their arms behind them. A wave lifts Khalifa and Aiko up.

The wave dries up on a volcano. They watch the lava dripping down. The home screen notifies the volcano is the fourth level. The fox and bunny dance on the volcano. Khalifa smokes. Aiko dances. A cat exclaims, “Wow! What a crazy trip! It’s so nice up here!” The bunny concurs, saying, “Yeah! I can’t believe we made it this far!”

Rating: 5/5

Jhené Aiko talks with the fox woman. The fox woman hands her some apples. Aiko thanks her and talks to her about the garden. The fox woman says she’s trying to grow some vegetables. Aiko gives her some seeds. The fox woman puts her hand to her mouth and tells her she’s wonderful. Aiko says she’ll see her tomorrow.

Aiko wanders to the lake. Wiz Khalifa, lying on the grass, perks up and asks her how she’s doing. Aiko says she’s exploring and sits by him. Khalifa says he hasn’t seen in anyone in days. Aiko points to the left and says there are some animals mingling about. Khalifa stretches out and says he’s going to stay here for awhile. Aiko and Khalifa catch up. Bubbles over them. Khalifa chooses a fishing rod. Aiko chooses to change her outfit. He gives a fishing rod. They fish.

Aiko walks into the lake. A fish forms into a raft for her. She raises her arms as she goes over a waterfall. The fish dives back into the water as she reaches the shore. Aiko climbs a mountain. A dragon offers her his wing. She hops on and he takes her back to her village.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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