Video Review: Michelle Branch “Are You Happy Now?”

Lit in royal blue, Michelle Branch walks by a collapsed building as she walks down the street. She sits on a bench on her front lawn while the sun glows on her. It rotates to royal blue as bricks fall away from the home. Leaning forward, she holds up a card, which shows a picture of her.

Continuing in royal blue, she stands by a cracked wall. The sun glows on her as she stands by the vine hanging on the door in the backyard. Switching to burned orange, she sits on the end of a fountain. While it rotates to royal blue, she tosses the cards in her hands. Behind her, columns tumble one by one. Lightning strikes in the sky. Branch sings along with a color version of herself. It continues to switch from royal blue and burned orange as she stands by the fountain.

Rating: 2/5

Michelle Branch hands the drop card to the registrar. The registrar confirms her information and gives her a refund. She says she can only give 50 percent back. Branch says that’s fine. Backpack over her shoulder, she walks to her car. As she opens the car door, she stares at the dorm and the student center. Maybe she’ll try again in a year.

A fiftysomething woman looks over a dish and says it was the wrong shade. She asks her to go back and check for the azure. Branch tells her it’s the same. The fiftysomething woman tells her, “young lady, I’ve been shopping here for years and I know the products.” Branch takes the plate and says she’ll look again. In the stockroom, she leans against the shelf and cries. Her back hurt and she couldn’t sit down. She wanted to go home. But she was there until 10:30 p.m.

Branch laughs as she talks with a 19-year-old young man. She explains she’s planning to go back to school in the summer. A heartbreak had made it impossible to stay. He walked by her dorm everyday. It give her a little bit of hope. The 19-year-old man tells her she had to do what was best for herself and says he’s glad she called him. She says it was nice to see a familiar face. He gestures for the check and suggests a movie. She grins and says everything but romantic comedies. He says it’s her choice. Branch nods and says the art theater is playing cult movies. He asks her if she knows where it’s located. Branch responds it’s like the back of her hand.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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