Video Review: Yung Bleu & Drake “You’re Mines Still”

India (India Love), wearing a wedding dress, holds her bouquet as she sits in front of the mirror. Three twentysomething women, wearing mauve bridesmaid dresses, take pictures on their phone and talk. Yung Bleu leans against his car and scrolls through the India’s Instagram story as she gets ready. He gets in his car and drives.

India touches the ends of the flowers. Her family and friends turn from the pews to watch her walk down the aisle with her father. Yung Bleu sits in a pew. She looks to see him, his arm linked with hers, as they walk in the church.

Bradon smiles at her as they stand at the altar. The groomsmen and bridesmaids grin as they stand by them and listen to the priest give the sermon. Bleu parks in front of the church and bangs on the door. The India imagines  Bleu standing with her. The priest asks, “if any one has any objection, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Bleu opens the door and talks to her. India looks down while Bradon glares at him. Bradon steps down to confront him. India puts her hand on his shoulder and holds him back. She takes Bleu’s hand and they run out of the church together. She exhales as he turns to gaze at her in his car.

Rating: 5/5

India groans and hits the hand on the table. She walks into the family room and tells Bradon is being such a jerk. Shaking her head, she says he won’t take her name of the bills. He hasn’t paid anything and she’s receiving overdue notices. She flops on the couch and crosses her arms. He places his hand on her thigh and tells her they’ll figure something out.

Bleu knocks on the Bradon’s door. Bradon opens the door and smirks, asking him if India’s changed her mind again. Bleu assures she’s happy and asks him to back off. He says she no longer lives with him and doesn’t owe him anything. Bradon shrugs and says he thought she’d be his wife. However, she scammed him. As far as he knows, they’re even. Bleu hands him the bills and says she’s already changed the address.

India holds Bleu’s hand as they wait in the courthouse. Bleu whispers to her she’s beautiful. She blushes. The judge calls them. Bleu’s brother hands him the ring. Bleu puts it on her finger. Bleu signs the paper. India kisses Bleu and hugs Bleu’s parents. Bleu’s mom says they called in their dinner order and she’s going to pick it up. Bleu’s brother hands out some glasses and pops open the bottle of champagne. He toasts to them and tells them it’s finally official. India and Bleu stare at one another as he speaks.

Directors: Jon Primo & Edgar Esteves Year: 2020

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