Video Review: Lady Antebellum “Champagne Night”

A twentysomething woman plays the song on her phone and dances in her family room. Against a wooden wall, a thirtysomething man pretends his tennis racket is a guitar as he strums it. A seventysomething man dances in his by a tree backyard.

In as split screen, Dave opens the cover of his grill and turns his head away from the smoke (left) while Charles films himself walking (right). Hilary, dances in a recreation room. It switches to a triple screen. A fortysomething woman dances on the staircase and glances at her backyard. Back to a single screen, a second twentysomething woman stares into the camera of the phone as she stands in her family room.

In a split screen, Dave flips over the pieces of chicken (left) and waves his spatula (right). Back to a single screen, A twentysomething man dances in a field. A 19-year-old young man grins as he rolls his hands across the table. Dave dances with his dog. A fiftysomething man dances on a baseball field. The thirtysomething man dances on his front lawn.

In a split screen, the fiftysomething woman twirls a ribbon as she dances on the stairs (left) and holds her phone in front of her. The second twentysomething man looks into his cup (left) and continues to dance (right). Back to a single screen, the twentysomething sits up and looks around. Her parrot sits in her hair. Two thirtysomething men, wearing puffy royal blue outfits dance while Hilary sings. She laughs and points to the camera.

Rating: 0/5

The twentysomething woman pushes her glasses up to her nose and shakes her arms. She thinks of her character’s backstory: a sweet, quirky young woman living in the Midwest. She was currently adjusting to work from home. Her parrot has learned to say “circle back” and “thank you for your time.” Some of her clients have even mentioned it was cute. She nails the steps but decides it wasn’t awkward enough. On her computer, she messages the director and asks for another take.

The second twentysomething touches up her lipstick and dances with the red cup in her hand. She leans towards the camera. The director messages her and tells her to dance away from the camera. She grabs a bottle of wine and pours it into her cup. As she dances, she bursts out laughing. The director tells her she’s finished for the day. She downs another cup and scrolls her phone for calls for fan videos.

The choreographer listens to the seventysomething man explain he’s retiring after filming the video. He says he had a few lines in a commercial a few years ago. He works when he can. His kids convinced him to do it. They talk about mutual friends. The seventysomething man gives him the name of some of his contacts. The choreographer thanks him and wishes him good luck.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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