Video Review: Pitbull & Chris Brown “Fun”

Based on the 1984 television show, Miami Vice, the sun shines on the palm trees in Miami, Florida. Pitbull muses, “Miami. This is the city of vice. Breezy just put me on the game.” Chris Brown closes the door on his convertible and shows a file to Pitbull. Pitbull reads the file and looks at Brown. He explains, “It turns out my girl is running the import/export train from Colombia to Miami. Says I have got to go undercover and bring her in. But before we do that, you already know.. I gotta have fun.”

Pitbull pulls up to a rose-pink painted mansion and walks around. He and Brown lean against their convertible. The twentysomething woman (Marisela de Montecristo) swims in the pool as Pitbull passes by the window. The security guard nods at him as he walks to the pool. He glances at the second twentysomething woman, sipping her drink in the lounge chair. A third twentysomething woman smiles as she lies on a blanket. He checks the several women who walk by him.

A second security guard lets into the twentysomething woman’s bedroom. He puts his hand on her waist. She turns to look at him. They kiss by the window. He sits on a chair and watches her dance. She sits on his lap and he laughs. Brown, Pitbull, the twentysomething woman and her friends join them on the boat. Brown and Pitbull dance in the parking lot the Ocean Surf club at night. In silhouette and lit in hot pink, several women dance by the windows.

Pitbull and Brown talk as the twentysomething woman leans against the counter of the bar. Pitbull dances with her. Lit in electric blue, Pitbull and the twentysomething woman walk down a hallway. They walk through a beaded curtain. She kisses him on the chair. Pitbull tries to stand up and realizes he’s handcuffed to the chair.

Rating: 5/5

Pitbull reads the file folder at his desk. Brown taps his pencil against his desk and tells him he heard the twentysomething woman got caught in Colombia. Pitbull says he wants to leave work and save her. Leaning forward, Brown says he knows he cares about her. However, she’s in too deep. He has to let her go.

A second twentysomething woman stares at Pitbull while she walks barefoot on the sand. She sits next to him and tells him it’ll be okay. Pitbull says he feels so helpless. She puts her hand on his. Staring at the ocean, she says she keeps thinking of when the twentysomething moved to Miami. She really wanted to be something. Pitbull says she already was. The second twentysomething woman and Pitbull stare at one another.

Pitbull dances with second twentysomething woman. He kisses her and she pulls back. She says the twentysomething may come back. They can’t. Pitbull kisses her again and says the twentysomething woman is gone. The Miami police have no idea where she is. There haven’t been signs of her for weeks. She stares at him and sighs. Putting her hands around his shoulders, she says she wants to take it slow.

Director: Gil Green Year: 2015

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