Video Review: Deborah Cox “It’s Over Now”

At night, Deborah Cox walks on a bridge towards an office building. A group of people inside a lime-green painted room. She walks up the stairs and walks into the lime-painted room. A twentysomething man listens to her as she confronts him. A group of young women cross their arms and put their hands on their hips as Cox talks.

Wearing a white dress, she stands by herself by some lights. The young men tilt their heads and smirk as Cox continues to talk. A young woman (Shannyn Sossamon) laughs. Some of the young women give a thumbs-down. Back in the lights, Cox flicks her wrists and rubs her shoulders. She sits on a platform and rests her hand on a white strip of light.

Back in the lime-green room, some of the young women dance. Cox moves her arms as she talks. She walks on the skywalk in the afternoon. Back in the lime-green painted room, she gives high-fives to the young women. She continues to talk to him. A young man rolls his eyes. She folds her arms across her chest and smiles at the young women.

Rating: 2.5/5

Deborah Cox walks on the skywalk during her break. A twentysomething women whispers to her friend. Her friend gives her a sympathetic smile. Cox looks down and leans against the railing. A car turns on the red light at the last second. Several people in the cars honk their horns. Cox turns around and stares at the pavement. Everyone knew.

A second twentysomething woman sees her, freezes and walks in the other direction. She worked as customer service representative in the main building. Cox checks the time on the clock. The second twentysomething woman probably hadn’t seen her before. She didn’t blame her. Her boyfriend had a way of making every person as though they mattered. It was why he was so successful at her job.

She walks into the main building and takes the elevator the break room. Some of her co-workers squeeze her arm and smile at her. She taps her boyfriend on the shoulder and tells him every name of the women he slept with. Gesturing to the women, she says they told her and realized what was going on. They were warning her and other women to stay away from him. She says they are done. Her now ex-boyfriend says he’s going to get her fired. Cox tells him he can do whatever he wants.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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